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The platform is active on several social media channels, produces the Urban Updates newsletter, features SLU’s urban portal UrbanScapes, and offers films and reports about urban research at SLU.

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SLU Urban Futures newsletter

Stay up to date on upcoming webinars, open calls and projects in urban development at SLU by signing up for SLU Urban Futures' digital newsletter 'Urban Updates'. 

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On Instagram, we share images from events (mostly in 'stories') news and updates about urban happenings at and around SLU.

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We use Twitter for quick reporting during ongoing events, to share reports, news articles, research and events in sustainable urban development.

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Subscribe to the platform's YouTube channel to receive all the videos produced by the platform, from short interviews to longer seminars.


UrbanScapes, launched by SLU Urban Futures 2021, functions as a complementary website to slu.se and a gateway to SLU’s urban palette of knowledge and networks.

Published: 17 August 2022 - Page editor: hanna.weiber.post@slu.se