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SLU Urban Futures supports co-creation of new knowledge in urban sustainability research to address complex societal challenges. As part of its capacity-building mission, it initiated and supports Methods Labs focused on transdisciplinary collaboration.

SOIL - Botildenborg

The Botildenborg Foundation in Malmö runs a farm and meeting place, combining urban gardening with social activities. Since the spring of 2024, SLU Urban Futures has been part of the project SOIL - a Social Innovation Living Lab, with the aim of increasing research and knowledge about the social innovations carried out at Botildenborg.

A woman and a man among cultivation beds.

Investigating the approach of campus as a landscape oriented Living Lab

A unique collaboration between Akademiska hus, LAPF, SLU Think Tank Movium and SLU Urban Futures developed into a PhD project that started in 2022. After this first year of investigation, how does Dennis Andreasson view the future of Alnarp?

Futures Lab

A forum for interdisciplinary explorations of future research questions and societal challenges.

Living Lab Campus

Campus Alnarp has a long tradition of using the outdoors for testbeds, trial areas and landscape laboratories. In the autumn of 2022 a new doctoral project in Alnarp will explore the possibilities of using the landscapes of the university even further.

Wooden bridges over a stream in a green landscape.

Criticality Lab

The Criticality Lab mobilises discursive formats in education to strengthen SLU’s urban research and to profile SLU as a partner in tackling the challenges of the urbanising planet.

Synthesis Lab

The Synthesis Lab operates as a hub for methodological experiments in synthesis-driven knowledge generation.

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