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SLU Urban Futures

SLU Urban Futures is a strategic platform that develops and strengthens transdisciplinary research, education and collaboration in sustainable urban development.

View over city with water and bridges.

Research 'scapes for sustainable cities and communities

SLU has broad competence linked to the many facets of sustainable urban development. Blue-Green infrastructure, biodiversity, design of urban landscapes and sustainable urban food systems are just a few examples. By connecting disciplines, faculties and sectors, the platform stimulates the new research, new methods and new collaborations needed to create sustainable future urban landscapes. Urban Futures uses the term research 'scape to highlight and support innovative and compound modes of knowledge production as well as inter- and transdisciplinary collaboration at SLU.

Seed funding from Food & Cities

Researchers at SLU can apply for seed funding from Food & Cities to develop cross-disciplinary research that examines the systemic relationships between food systems and urban development and how these relationships affect the transformation to sustainable communities.

Heaps of pennies

Investigating the approach of campus as a landscape oriented Living Lab

A unique collaboration between Akademiska hus, LAPF, SLU Think Tank Movium and SLU Urban Futures developed into a PhD project that started in 2022. After this first year of investigation, how does Dennis Andreasson view the future of Alnarp?

Climate conversations

SLU Global and SLU's four Future Platforms are organising a series of Climate Conversations. There are webinars open for anyone to join and some for SLU staff only. Next event is an internal event on 12 February.

SDG-cubes in front of the main entrance


UrbanScapes provides a gateway to SLU's palette of urban knowledge and networks. Created by SLU Urban Futures as a complement to the university's main SLU.se website, it facilitates access to the breadth of SLU work on urban sustainability. Click here to explore!

Published: 24 January 2024 - Page editor: urbanfutures@slu.se