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Last changed: 10 January 2024

Your gift, regardless of size, makes a difference for research and education for the future!

Whether you are a individual or represent a company, a foundation or an organization, there are many ways to support SLU.

Single gift

You can give a single gift that is either unspecified or destined for a specific purpose e.g. research funding within a specific area. Contact us for a discussion about your ideas and for assistance to develop a deed of gift. 


By remembering SLU in your will you can support SLU or even the research area that is close to your heart. Your gift can e.g. consist of cash, stock, property or valuables. Contact us for a discussion about your requests and for assistance to draw up a will.

Tax-exempt share dividends

It is possible to donate dividends directly to SLU without paying tax on the dividend. This way you can increase the value of your gift. You can donate dividends from listed companies or as an owner of a private limited company. Contact us so we can assist you.

Establish a foundation or fund

A foundation or fund can be a good way to set up long-term funding of a field you want to support. Contact us - together, we can develop the best solution based on your wishes.

Support from companies

Companies can support research at SLU in different ways. It can be anything from common research projects to pure philanthropic donations.

Do you want to support research in our areas? Contact us to discuss your wishes!

Give a gift directly through bankgiro in Sweden

It is also possible to deposit the desired amount directly in our bank giro account. Mark the payment "Gift SLU" and note if you want your gift to go to a specific purpose. Remember to include your name and contact details, including e-mail.

Bank giro account: 5050-7920

SLU's organization number: 202100-2817

Give a gift directly through a deposit from abroad

The desired amount can be deposited in our bank account:

IBAN: SE92 1200 0000 0128 1011 9104
VAT-nummer: SE202100281701

Danske Bank,
Norrmalmstorg 1
111 46 Stockholm

Donate from the USA*

Through the American Friends of the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences fund, which was created in collaboration with Myriad USA (previously King Baudouin Foundation United States), individuals and companies in the USA can donate funds to SLU with tax deductions. Swedish companies with subsidiaries in the USA can also take advantage of this opportunity.

* SLU is certified by NGOsource as a charity within the meaning of sections 501(c)(3) and 509(a)(1) of the Internal Revenue Code of U.S. tax law, which means that donors, including foundations and other organizations in The United States can claim the maximum tax benefits allowed for their contributions.

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Anna Lehrman, Fundraiser, PhD
Vice-Chancellor's Office, +46 18 67 22 32, +46 70 930 63 90

Åsa Formo, Fundraiser
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science/Vice-Chancellor's Office
Tel: +46 18 67 25 70, +46 70 689 30 33