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Henrik Andren

Henrik Andren
Henrik Andrén’s research focuses population and community ecology of large carnivores, specially the Eurasian lynx. One part focuses on temporal and spatial variation in reproduction and survival and linking demography to habitat and social organisation in lynx. Another part focuses on lynx as a predator and its effects on roe deer and reindeer populations. In Northern Sweden (the reindeer husbandry area) we have studied the coexistence of lynx and wolverine, the interaction between them and their total impact on reindeer. In Southern Sweden, we study the lynx colonization, establishment and genetic structure. The research has partly an applied aspect and includes forecasting the lynx population under different management strategies.

Selected publications

Chapron, G., Kaczensky, P., Linnell, J.D.C., von Arx, M., Huber, D., Andrén, H., et al. 2014. Recovery of large carnivores in Europe’s modern human-dominated landscapes. - Science 346: 1517-1519

Andrén, H. and Liberg, O. 2015. Large impact of Eurasian lynx predation on roe deer population dynamics. - PLOS ONE DOI:10.1371

Johansson, Ö, McCarthy, T., Samelius, G., Andrén, H., Tumursukh, L. and Mishra, C. 2015. Snow leopard predation in a livestock dominated landscape in Mongolia. - Biological Conservation 184: 251-258

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Lopez-Bao, J.V., Mattisson, J., Persson, J., Aronsson, M. and Andrén, H. 2016. Tracking neighbours promotes the coexistence large carnivores. - Scientific Report 6: 23198

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Mattisson, J., Rauset, G.R., Odden, J., Linnell, J., Andrén H. and Persson, J. 2016. Predation or scavenging? Prey body condition influences decision-making in a facultative predator, the wolverine. - Ecosphere 7(8):e01407.

Johansson, Ö., Rauset, G.R., Samelius, G., McCarthy, T., Andrén, H., Tumursukh, L., and Mishra, C. 2016. Land sharing is essential for conserving snow leopards. - Biological Conservation 203: 1-7


Professor at the Department of Ecology; S, Wildlife Ecology Unit
Telephone: +46581697302, +46702184406
Postal address:
Inst. för Ekologi, Grimsö forskningsstation
Visiting address: Grimsö forskningsstation, Grimsö 152, Grimsö