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Ineta Kačergytė

Ineta Kacergyte
I investigate the effects of wetland restorations and creations on birds and to some extent on fish and amphibian diversity. Even though my main research areas are conservation biology, community ecology, and biodiversity, I am also interested in evolutionary ecology and animal behaviour.


I aim to investigate what factors are the most important in order to increase and maintain bird diversity when restoring and creating the wetlands, for example, wetland size or landscape setting. The largest part of my research focuses on wetland creation. I study created wetlands in Uppland, where I look at what environmental variables in created habitat are related to bird, fish, and amphibian diversity. More specifically, I look at what affects the bird community in created wetlands - their abundance, richness, and reproductive success and relate this to fish and amphibian communities. While bird data was collected using field observation, fish and amphibian occurrences were determined using environmental DNA metabarcoding sampling. I also try to relate species interactions and the intervention outcomes. Some of the possible interactions are conspecific and heterospecific attraction, predation, and competition. 

______________________________________________________ Currently, I am trying to evaluate wetland restorations for birds, where we try to narrow down the magnitude of wetland restorations in Sweden and quantify the species specific responses. While the data set is rather heterogenous, we need to emply more creative data analyses tools in order to standardise the results.


I finished my PhD degree in the same topic I am currently working on. on the other hand, my Master’s degree thesis at Lund University investigated the effects of urbanisation on the great tit’s cognition. I am also a bird enthusiast, and I have been working in the field with a project involving northern wheatears, and nest box populations of tits.


Main supervisor:

Tomas Pärt CV

Supervisor group:

Debora Arlt CV

Jonas Knape CV

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Selected publications

Kačergytė, I., Petersson, E., Arlt, D., Hellström, M., Knape, J., Spens, J., Żmihorski, M. and Pärt, T., 2021. Environmental DNA metabarcoding elucidates patterns of fish colonisation and co‐occurrences with amphibians in temperate wetlands created for biodiversity. Freshwater Biology, 2021;00:1–15

Ineta Kačergytė, Debora Arlt, Åke Berg, Michał Żmihorski, Jonas Knape, Zuzanna M. Rosin, Tomas Pärt. 2021. Evaluating created wetlands for bird diversity and reproductive success. Biological Conservation, Volume 257, 109084.

Josefsson, J., Hiron, M., Arlt, D., Auffret, A.G., Berg, Å., Chevalier, M., Glimskär, A., Hartman, G., Kačergytė, I., Klein, J., Knape, J., et al. ... and Pärt, T. 2020. Improving scientific rigour in conservation evaluations and a plea deal for transparency on potential biases. Conservation Letters, p.e12726.


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Non employee at the Department of Ecology; NJ, Landscape Ecology Unit
Telephone: +4618672718
Postal address:
Inst för Ekologi, Box 7044
750 07 UPPSALA
Visiting address: Ulls Väg 16, Uppsala