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Jennifer Mcconville

Jennifer Mcconville
My research interests are related to processes of planning and decision-making with regards to sanitation and wastewater management. The goal is to improve resource recovery from these systems through adaptation of technical infrastructure and institutional arrangements.


I have a background in environmental engineering with a focus on sanitation and wastewater management. My PhD studied planning and decision-making processes for sanitation systems, primarily in West Africa. Since then, I have continued research related to sanitation and planning, with an increasing focus on resource recovery. I work with concepts of sustainability, life-cycle thinking, participation, serious gaming and decision-support frameworks to better understand and shape planning processes.



Co-supervisor for PhD students

- Solveig Johannesdottir: Sustainability assessment of eco-innovations for nutrient-recovery from wastewater, SLU (on-going)

- Claudia Cossio Grageda: Wastewater treatment and management in small towns in Bolivia, Chalmers University of Technology (on-going)

- Ida Helgegren: The prevalence and adoption of water and sanitation systems in urban and peri-urban areas of Cochabamba, Bolivia, Chalmers University of Technology (on-going)

Supervision of MSc students

- Elin Åkerlund (on-going): Prerequisites for implementation of source-separated wastewater systems

 - Katja Norlin & Isabelle Wahlund (2017): Communication for acceptance of nutrient recycling from wastewater systems – a case study of the transition area Munga.

- Maria Nilsson (2014): Socio-technical evaluation of urine diversion in Linköping and Norrköping, Chalmers University of Technology

- Saga Perron (2012): Microbial regrowth in Drinking Water Treated with Gravity-Driven Ultrafiltration - A Field Study in Kenya, Uppsala University

- Melissa Nangle (2007): Sustainable low cost wastewater technology for poor coastal communities: a case study of White Horses, Pamphret & Botany Bay, Jamaica, KTH

Selected publications

Total 37 publication, h-index 9

Peer-reviewed Journal Articles               

Ramôa AR, McConville J, Lüthi C, & Matos JS. (2017) Use of process guides for comprehensive urban sanitation technology decision-making: practice versus theory. Water Policy, DOI: 10.2166/wp.2017.117.

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McConville JR, Kvarnström E, Jönsson H, Kärrman, E. & Johansson, M. (2017) Source Separation: Challenges & Opportunities for Transition in the Swedish Wastewater Sector. Resources Conservation and. Recycling, 120:144–156.

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Researcher at the Department of Energy and Technology; Environmental Engineering Unit
Telephone: 018-672816, 0767837084
Postal address:
Inst för energi och teknik, Box 7032
Visiting address: Lennart Hjelms väg 9, Uppsala