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Prithvi Simha

Prithvi Simha


My doctoral research focuses on the safe recycling and valorisation of nutrients from source-separated human urine. I work with the design and implementation of drying technologies for urine collected in decentralised sanitation systems. I also work with user acceptance, perceptions and attitudes to new sanitation systems and technologies. 


Mass Transfer Group, School of Civil and Chemical Engineering, VIT University, India.


M. Sc. Environmental Sciences, Policy and Management (MESPOM), University of ManchesterLund UniversityCentral European UniversityUniversity of the Aegean.

B. Tech. Chemical Process Engineering, VIT University, India.

Indus–MAGIC Scholar, National Chemical Laboratory, Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, Government of India.

Research Fellow, Institute of Chemical Technology, India.

Selected publications

Peer-reviewed Journal Articles:

Simha, P., Lalander, C., Vinnerås, B., Ganesapillai, M. 2017. Farmer attitudes and perceptions to the re–use of fertiliser products from resource–oriented sanitation systems–The case of Vellore, South IndiaScience of The Total Environment, 581-582, 885–896.

Simha, P., Zabaniotou, A., Ganesapillai, M. 2018. Continuous urea–nitrogen recycling from human urine: a step towards creating a human excreta based bio–economy. Journal of Cleaner Production, 172, 4152-4161.

Simha, P., Mutiara, Z. Z., Gaganis, P. 2017. Vulnerability assessment of water resources and adaptive management approach for Lesvos Island, GreeceSustainable Water Resources Management, 3(3), 283–295.

Simha, P., Yadav, A., Pinjari, D., Pandit, A. B. 2016. On the behaviour, mechanistic modelling and interaction of biochar and crop fertilizers in aqueous solutionsResource-Efficient Technologies, 2(3), 133-142.

Simha, P., Mathew, M., Ganesapillai, M. 2016. Empirical modeling of drying kinetics and microwave assisted extraction of bioactive compounds from Adathoda vasica and Cymbopogon citratusAlexandria Engineering Journal, 55(1), 141-150.

Pillai, M. G., Simha, P., Gugalia, A. 2014. Recovering urea from human urine by bio-sorption onto microwave activated carbonized coconut shells: equilibrium, kinetics, optimization and field studies. Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering, 2(1), 46-55.


Simha, P. 2016. Technological and Psycho–Sociological Perspectives on Closing the Sanitation Loop. Master of Science Thesis. Central European University, Budapest, Hungary.


A full list of my publications and projects is available on ResearchGate.

Doctoral Student at the Department of Energy and Technology; Environmental Engineering Unit
Postal address:
Inst för energi och teknik, Box 7032
Visiting address: Lennart Hjelms väg 9, Uppsala