Parkliv! Tools for Inclusion and Access to Urban Green Infrastrucures

Last changed: 04 March 2024

Thomas B. Randrup, Åsa Ode Sang, Jessica Svännel, Helena Mellqvist, Bengt Persson, Hanna Fors

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Founder: Vinnova

Duration: 2019-2022


SLU and the consultancy Living Cities (Stockholm, SE) have been granted Vinnova-funding to develop new approaches and tools for inclusive engagement of urban green spaces. Despite the facts that a number of tools already exists in order to engage users and to develop solutions which will allow more use of green spaces, a thorough, systematic and holistic approach to well-functioning engagement of users in green spaces is lacking, Especially the focus on those who do not use green spaces is in focus in this project. 

Parkliv focuses on:

  • Urban green spaces, publicly owned which are being used on a daily basis.
  • A user driven perspective; why do various user groups use green spaces, and which cultural and social perspectives are hindering such use? 
  • To develop tools which can lead to more inclusive green spaces. 

Process model Parkliv

Contacts: Thomas B. Randrup, professor, SLU 


Emma Shepherdson, Social Planner, Living Cities


Read more about Parkliv! at Living Cities


Thomas Randrup, Professor
Department of Landscape Architecture, Governance and Management
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