Skåne Local Implementation Platform (SKLIP) at Mistra Urban Futures - Sustainable Neighbourhood Development Panel

Last changed: 16 June 2020

Nina Vogel


Financed by: co-financed by SLU, LTH, MaU, and Malmö Stad


This Mistra Urban Futures’ Panel on Sustainable Neighborhood Development started in 2018 with a common interest in a transdisciplinary collaboration between public authorities and academia. The panel consists of researchers from Lund University, Malmö University, the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences Alnarp and representatives from the City of Malmö. The purpose is to investigate different neighborhood development in order to develop, for example, knowledge reviews with the aim of contributing to improved methods development for working with sustainable urban development. 


Nina Vogel, Programme Director of SLU Urban Futures and Researcher at SLU affiliated to the Governance and Management theme group at the Department of Landscape Architecture, Planning and Management, SLU Alnarp

Phone: +46 727 044 064