Institutional Strengthening for Catalysing Forest Sector Development Project in Ethiopia

Last changed: 29 January 2020

Åsa Ode Sang

Implementing Partner: Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change Responsible Parties to the IP: SLU, CIFOR, WGCF-NR
Project time: 2018-2022

The goal of this project is to create strengthened forestry sector and resilient social, economic and ecological systems in Ethiopia. The focus areas for this proposed forest sector development program is structured in four components: Enhancing enabling environment for forest sector development program, promoting sustainable forest production and Forest Land Scape Restoration (FLR), Enhancing forest environmental services and fostering model environmental stewardship in selected urban areas. The overall objective of this program is to promote sustainable and competitive tree-based production systems in the rural and urban landscapes of Ethiopia thereby contributing for community and ecosystem resilience.