The Öresund Design Research Seminars

Last changed: 04 March 2024

The design of urban landscapes is a rich and complex field that involves knowledge encompassing the aesthetic, political, cultural, social and more. The interdisciplinary research platform the Öresund Design Research Seminars (ÖDRS) brings together scholars from the Öresund region working with the design of urban landscapes to share theories, methodologies and research findings.

ÖDRS’ ethos is to be a sharing environment where scholars help each other’s progress on their research and work. The ÖDRS aim to stimulate and empower research in the design of urban landscapes and to create the foundation for novel research approaches and perspectives. The seminars gather scholars working with a whole range of disciplinary perspectives, primarily from the design disciplines and humanities. ÖDRS nurture research that can question and inform design practice and thereby ultimately seeks to improve the quality of our cities and landscapes.

The University of Copenhagen, Research Group for Landscape Architecture and Urbanism, and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, subject area Design of Urban Landscapes/ research platform Urban Futures, organize the ÖDRS for researchers at all stages of their professional life – from young to emeritus – presenting and discussing everything from early ideas to finished publications. The seminar also serves as a meeting point for international guest scholars and researchers based in the Öresund region.

Since 2014, there have been 2-3 ÖDRS seminars each year, alternatively in Malmö and Copenhagen.

The ÖDRS are founded and organized by:

Lisa Diedrich, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Svava Riesto, University of Copenhagen

Do you want to know more or become part of the ÖDRS network?
Contact: Lisa Diedrich, Svava Riesto, founding chairs of the ÖDRS.


Participants of the ÖDRS

Participants of the ÖDRS

Current and former participants at the ÖDRS:

Gunnar Cerwén, Ann-Charlott Eriksen, Hanne Wiemann Nielsen; Anne Tietjen; Svava Riesto; Lisa Diedrich; Laerke Sophie Keil; Bettina Lamm; Caroline Dahl; Ellen Marie Braae; Gunilla Lindholm; Mads Farsø; Rikke Munck Petersen; Sabina Jallow; Victoria Sjöstedt; Martin Soberg; Vera Vicenzotti; Nina Vogel; Laura Winge; Henriette Steiner; Anne Madsbjerg, Signe Boeggild, Rikke Stenbro, Maria Hellström Reimer; Anne Margrethe Wagner; Johanne Heesche; Henk van Blerck; Kristen van Haeren; Asbjorn Jessen; Katherine Bennett; Johan Wirdelöv; Rosalina Wenningsted-Torgard

Visiting researchers:

Angela Gigliotti (Aarhus Architecture School)
Linde Egberts (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)
Katherine Bennett (Knowlton School of Architecture)
Tom Avermaete (TU Delft)
Henk van Blerck (Groningen University)
Peter Connolly (Wellington University New Zealand)
Gini Lee (University of Melbourne)
Andrea Kahn (Columbia University)
Antje Stokmann (University of Stuttgart)
Ryan Reynolds (Gap Filler, New Zealand)

Previous ÖDRS Seminars

Previous ÖDRS Seminars:


12 November 2019, Malmö
Angela Gigliotti, The Labourification of Work - the Contemporary Modes of Architectural Production under the Danish Welfare State  
Johan Wirdelöv: Conceptualising street furniture
Mads Farso: Research & development strategies for the Surroundings Lab


30 November 2018, Copenhagen
Linde Egberts: Changing Tides: Heritage narratives in coastal regions as the sea level rises
Anne Cunningham: Democracy materialised? Superkilen’s modifications, through a lens of consent

21 June 2018, Malmö
Maria Finn: Forgetful Nature
Katherine Bennett: Hypernatural Acts
Gini Lee and Lisa Diedrich: Travelling Transect book project


28 September 2017, Copenhagen
Johan Wirdelöv: Urban Territoriality: Mapping Socio-Material Practices and Everyday Borders in Public Space
Peter Connolly: The Practice and Challenge of Engaging with Landscape and Urban Affect

23 March 2017, Malmö
Laerke Sophie Keil: Practicing Welfare Landscapes – Biographical perspectives on Danish post-war social housing
Henk van Blerck: A vocabulary for building landscapes. Tracing the basis of
landscape plans in Dutch land consolidation projects (1945-1970)
Lisa Diedrich: The Travelling Transect  


24 November 2016, Copenhagen
Ann-Charlott Eriksen: Between representation and performance: Investigating the aesthetics of vegetative facades in the case of 'Oluf Bagers Plads', Odense
Anne Tietjen and Svava Riesto: Constructing Criticism. Methods for studying what spatial design does
Tom Avermaete: Constructing the Commons: Towards Another Conception of Urban Landscapes

10 June 2016, Malmö
Henriette Steiner: 'The Transmitting Towers' book project
Laura Winge: The We Project – Co-designing Playable Environments with Children and Young people 

28 January 2016, Copenhagen
Lisa Diedrich, Gini Lee: Travelling Transect - developing a fieldwork-based method to capture site qualities in water landscapes
Hanne Wieman Nielsen: Exploring Big Cities – Quiet Places


27 May 2015, Malmö
Anne Wagner: (Con)temporary space production in urban transformation processes: Project stories
Svava Riesto: From Thesis to Book

26 February 2015, Copenhagen
Rosalina Wenningsted-Torgard: Spatial-aesthetic interpretations of scenarios for urban landscape as water catchment.  
Hanne Wiemann Nielsen: Explorative case study methods  


27 November 2014, Malmö
Rikke Munck Petersen: Sensoric Parameters in Landscape Architectural Tools. 
Caroline Dahl: Beyond the Masterplan - Engaging landscape architecture and design thinking in urban transformation
Vera Vicenzotti: Travelling Concepts, Portable Landscapes? Travelling theory in landscape design and planning 

16 October 2014, Copenhagen
Henriette Steiner: Eating in the City
Lisa Diedrich, Andrea Kahn and Gunilla Lindholm: Beyond Best Practice, Appreciating site-specific value 
Anna Aslaug M. Lund: Spaces for Rain


Photos: Inger Grønkær Ulrich, 2018


Lisa Diedrich, Professor

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