A critical review of consumer acceptance towards biotechnology in food

Last changed: 06 November 2012

A critical review of consumer acceptance, ethics, valuation and attitudes towards biotechnology in food: Review and implications for consumer research, food policy and food value chains

This task attempts to bring together the published evidence from several studies, typically from a variety of research disciplines, but all dealing with the issue of ultimate public acceptance of biotechnology in food and its underlying behavioral processes. Specifically, this review aims to investigate determinants of consumer attitudes as to find out whether and under which circumstances consumers are veiling to accept, or willing to pay, for bio-fortified (crops bred to increase their nutritional value) food produced with various biotechnologies as well as whether and under which circumstances consumers trust the available information regarding the possible environmental, food safety and public health effects of consuming bio-fortified food. Addition, aspects of use of genomics in animal breeding will be included. The outcome of this task will be of interest in understanding which aspects that appear to be most influential in directing consumer behavior; and from this it aims to present areas for future research as well as some possible policy strategies to deal with public uncertainty regarding agri-biotechnology.