Last changed: 10 February 2023

The research network "Forest-landscape-society" based at SLU in Skinnskatteberg was formed in 2005, and consists of about 10 researchers and graduate students. We do disciplinary research using natural and human scientific methods, and apply interdisciplinary approaches to produce knowledge that supports sustainable forest management policy. The focus is on different actors’ claims for forest products, services and values, how these can be met through methods of planning and management of forests and woodland on land and in water, and the interaction among actors at different levels. We are committed to natural resource governance and management that create economic values, maintain sustainable ecosystems, and develop rural areas. Collaboration with practitioners, and creating study materials and training courses are important tasks. We use multiple landscapes, which stands for integrated social and ecological systems, with different histories and governance systems as laboratories for knowledge production in North, Central and Eastern Europe, NW Russia and Canada.