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Student health services

At SLU we want our students to feel good.  That is why our students always have access to some form of student health service, regardless of which campus they are studying at. Remember, you can also get medical advice by calling a medical care hotline.  To do this, call 1177.  In case of emergency, always call 112.

The Student Health Centre operates as a health service for all SLU students, and works predominantly with study-related healthcare, medical advice, and crisis assistance.  The Student Health Centre works in connection to the district Healthcare Centre, which provides general medical care.

For more information, please visit the student web.


The Student Health Centre in Lund 

Telephone: 046-222 43 77

Adress: Paradisgatan 5 B, Lund


The Student Health Centre in Umeå 

Telefon: 090-786 50 00 (please visit the website for updated opening hours) 

Adress: Infocenter Universum, Campus Umeå universitet


The Student Health Centre in Uppsala  

Telephone: 018-15 50 50

Adress: Övre Slottsgatan 7, 2 tr


The Student Chaplains are priests, pastors and deacons from the Church of Sweden and the Mission Convenant Church of Sweden.  They serve all staff and students of SLU, who are welcome to take to them privately or take part in group sessions.

Alnarp and Flyinge
Student Chaplains in Lund

Campus Church  Visiting address: Johan Bures väg 9

University Church in Uppsala  (Universitetskyrkan) Visiting address: Övre Slottsgatan 7

Published: 05 June 2023 - Page editor: study@slu.se