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Independent project in Forestry science

The course involves carrying out an independent project under supervision. The project can be carried out based on existing data from experimental or practical work, or as a literature review. The format depends on the subject and the question to be examined, as well as on the availability of suitable data and information. The work is carried out either individually or in pairs.

The set-up of the independent project should be documented in a project plan established in consultation with the supervisor before the project starts.

The project is to be presented in writing as well as orally, as seminars or an equivalent format, and according to the instructions given. The course also involves taking part in a public discussion of another student’s project in order to assess the ability to give constructive criticism.

Course evaluation

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Academic year 2023/2024

Independent project in Forestry science (EX1012-40051)

2024-03-20 - 2024-06-02

Syllabus and other information

Course facts

The course is offered as an independent course: No The course is offered as a programme course: Forest and Landscape (BSc) Tuition fee: Tuition fee only for non-EU/EEA/Switzerland citizens: 38060 SEK Cycle: Bachelor’s level (G2E)
Subject: Forestry Science
Course code: EX1012 Application code: SLU-40058 Location: Alnarp Distance course: No Language: English Responsible department: Department of Southern Swedish Forest Research Centre Pace: 100%