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Andreas Seiler

Andreas Seiler
Andreas Seiler received his PhD in ecology in 2003 and in his research he addresses the conflicts between wildlife, infrastructure and traffic.


My professional interests include applied wildlife and landscape ecology and, especially, the conflict between humans and wildlife related to transportation infrastructure. In my research, I aim to contribute to the development of an ecologically sustainable transport system with an infrastructure that is well adapted to the landscape ecological context. To ensure the applicability and the implementation of my results, I work in close dialogue with stakeholders such as the Swedish Transport Administration and the international expert network for Infrastructure and Ecology (



Safe railways for wildlife – research project with the Swedish Transport Administration on development of innovative mitigation measures to prevent animal-train collisions. Duration 2019-2023.

Induced fear as management tool in wildlife - EPA research project on using fear to manage crop damage by wild boar. Partners: Manisha Bhardwaj and Petter Kjellander. Duration 2020-2022.

TRIEKOL – Transport and Infrastructure Ecology Research project with focus on planning and evaluation of mitigation measures for wildlife. Duration 2017 – 2022.

Wildlife-vehicle collision maps – research and development projects with the Swedish Transport Administration on mapping spatial and temporal pattern in traffic accidents with wildlife with the aim to develop more efficient mitigation strategies. Duration 2018 – 2022.

Selected publications

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Karlson M, Seiler A, Mörtberg U (2017) The effect of fauna passages and landscape characteristics on barrier mitigation success. Ecological Engineering 105:211-220.

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Researcher at the Department of Ecology; S, Wildlife Ecology Unit
Telephone: +46581697328, +46703472643
Postal address:
Inst. för Ekologi, Grimsö forskningsstation
Visiting address: Grimsö forskningsstation, Grimsö 152, Grimsö