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Andy Ruck

Andy Ruck is a postdoctoral researcher on the SHOWCASE project, which focuses on the integration of biodiversity-friendly practices into European farming. As an environmental social scientist, I am interested in participatory approaches to conservation and scientific research that serve to widen stakeholder engagement.


I am a postdoctoral researcher working on the SHOWCASE project, which explores ways in which biodiversity-friendly practices might be better integrated into European farming. My focus within the project is on farmers’ attitudes towards biodiversity-friendly farming, and how this may be influenced by participation in ‘citizen science’ approaches to monitoring farmland biodiversity. 


The EU Horizon 2020-funded SHOWCASE project explores how biodiversity conservation might be better integrated into agricultural systems across Europe, and involves partners in fifteen European countries. As a social scientist, my focus within the project is on farmers’ attitudes towards biodiversity-friendly farming and the remaining barriers to their adoption of it, and ways of bridging gaps between the knowledge and attitudes of farmers and ecologists. Specifically, I am assessing whether farmers' participation in ‘citizen science’ approaches to biodiversity monitoring serves to influence their attitudes towards biodiversity. I am also in the process of reviewing existing citizen science approaches to monitoring farmland biodiversity. Within SLU, I work closely on these tasks with Erik Öckinger and René van der Wal.

Previously, I worked at the Centre for Mountain Studies – an interdisciplinary research centre in Scotland focused on the sustainable development of rural and mountain areas. At the CMS, I worked on several parallel projects that continued the ‘participatory’ theme identified above. These included SCITOUR, which focused on the inclusion of science communication and scientific data collection within tourism experiences; and an evaluation of Volunteer Cairngorms – an environmental volunteering programme within the Cairngorms National Park.  My PhD research, completed in 2019, focused on young people’s lived experience of a nationwide, school-linked conservation and citizen science project called Polli:Nation. In particular, I explored the ways in which ‘lived curricula’ were produced by the coming-together of diverse elements within the project - young people, teachers, visiting experts, and more-than-human elements.


While there are (hopefully) clear themes running through my previous research, I have a somewhat diverse academic background, with a Master of Research in Social Anthropology, a PhD in Education, and now a postdoc position in a Department of Ecology. This will (hopefully) serve me well for interdisciplinary working during the SHOWCASE project!

Selected publications

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