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Anita Norman

Anita Norman
Anita specializes in population genetics/genomics in mammalian species. Through DNA sequencing, she identifies genomic markers called Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) that are useful in identifying individuals within a population. These are applied to non-invasive samples such as faeces where individual identification is necessary. Studying the SNP markers allows Anita to conduct population size estimates, look at how individuals in the population are related to each other and thus identify population patterns such as reproductive success, inbreeding events and levels, mating and dispersal behaviours, etc. Her work also includes landscape scale studies where she can identify how populations are genetically structured in space providing, among other things, insight into possible barriers to gene flow. Results of her work can inform conservation measures to maintain population health. Anita is also currently working with genomics to determine levels of biodiversity within ecosystems.


Anita is the co-course convenor, administrator, examiner, and one of the teachers in the third year course 'Forest Ecology and Conservation Biology'. She is developing the Master's level course 'Applied Conservation Genetics' to be held for the first time in autumn 2025. She has also been a co-course convenor for a PhD level course in Forest Sustainability in 2023. And she teaches in a a variety of other courses.


2008 Bachelor of Science, Natural Resources Conservation, UBC, Vancouver, Canada

2011 Masters in Biology, Wildlife Management, SLU, Sweden

2016 PhD in Biology, Population Genetics, SLU, Sweden


2016-2018 Postdoc, San Diego Zoo Global, San Diego, California, USA

2018-Present Researcher, SLU, Umeå, Sweden