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Annika Nordin

Annika Nordin
The topic of my reserch is treatment technology for sanitisation of sewage and organic waste with the aim to close the loop of plant nutrients and other resources. I am specialised on ammonia sanitisation of sewage fractions.I hope for a paradigm shift regarding sanitation and waste so that we in the future better take advantages of the resourses in these materials.


I am course leader for 10 credit course Selection of water and sanitation system and do also lecture on three other courses: Safe nutrient recycling 10 credits;  On-site wastewater systems, nutrient recovery and sewage sludge treatment 5 credits and Waste Managment 5 credits. The courses covers systems, processes (compostring, urine separation etc) and treatment technology for recirculation of plant nutrients and other resourses in sewage and organic waste.


The major part of my research is focusing on the inactivation of disease causing microorganisms and indicator organisms in sewage fractions.  Studies are performed in the laboratory as well as in the field studies applying previous research findings at a larger scale. The results from such studies are then used to model the pathogen inactivation and to relate the inactivation to controllable process parameters. The overall aim is to develop treatment technologies that are robust and cheap and certifies a safe reuse of plant nutrients from sewage fractions. Through participant driven research collaborations with municipal actors, farmers and diffrent associations can the reserch faster be implementesd and be further optimised to meet the needs of the society. Development of sanitisation methods and technology can contribute to accomplish the Swedish environemental goals regarding reuse of plant nutrients and the UN Sustainable developments goals for water and sanitation.


I have a Master degree in Biologi (2006) and dissertated in Technology with the thesis Ammonia sanitisation of Human Excreta - Treatment Technology for Production of Fertiliser


I am holding a master in Biology and dissertated in technology with the thesis ’Ammonia sanitisation of Human Excreta – Treatment Technology for Production of Fertiliser’


I co-supervice the PhD-students Nduhiu Githai, Kenyatta University; Jenna Senecal, SLU and Prithvi Simha, SLU.

Selected publications

Nordin A and Vinnerås B. Sanitising black water by auto-thermal aerobic digestion (ATAD) combined with ammonia treatment. 2015 Water Science & Technology 72(12) 2112-2121.

Fidjeland J, Nordin A, Pecson BM, Nelson KL and Vinnerås B. 2015. Modeling the inactivation of ascaris eggs as a function of ammonia concentration and temperature. Water Research 83 (2015) 153-160.

Nordin A, Olsson J and Vinnerås B. Urea sanitisation of anaerobically digested dewatered sewage sludge. 2015 Environmental Engineering Science. 32 (2) 86-94.

Nordin A, Niwagaba C, Jönsson H and Vinnerås B. Pathogen and indicator inactivation in source-separated human urine heated by the sun. 2013. Journal of water, sanitation and hygiene for development. (2013) 181-188.

Nordin A, Nyberg K, Vinnerås B. 2009. Inactivation of Ascaris eggs in source-separated urine and faeces by ammonia at ambient temperatures. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 75(3) 662-667


Researcher at the Department of Energy and Technology; Environmental Engineering Unit
Telephone: +4618671831
Postal address:
Inst för energi och teknik, Box 7032
Visiting address: Lennart Hjelms väg 9, Uppsala