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Bindu Sunilkumar

Bindu Sunilkumar
Enthusiastic researcher who thirst for research, knowledge, development and quality.


Learning is an essential part of my life. However, the most crucial part is to never stop learning, strong determination and perseverance to achieve any dreams. The thirst for knowledge is the driving force for me to resign from my career for more than 3 years in bioinformatics research to pursue my Ph.D. I have obtained my Ph.D. in Food Chemistry. The experience over 10 years in both university and industry, locally and internationally especially in Asia and Europe has prepared me to be a versatile, enthusiastic, and experienced scientist. An excellent presenter and highly skills in communication. My colleagues described me as a sociable, emphatic, structured, and enthusiastic person.


Worked as an assistant lecturer at master’s level at the Department of Computational Biology & Bioinformatics, University of Kerala. Supervision of master’s students with their thesis. Worked with the syllabus for masters students at Bioinformatics and Biotechnology


  • 2016 PhD in Food Chemistry and Nutrition, Lund University
  • 2007 M.Phil in Bioinformatics, University of Kerala
  • 2005 Master of Science in plant breeding and genetics, University of Kerala
  • 2002 Bachelor of science (Industrial Biotechonolgy), University of Kerala

Selected publications

Bindu Sunilkumar, Eden Tareke, Review of analytical methods for measurement of oat proteins: The need for Standardized methods, Critcal Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition. 1549-7852 

Sunilkumar, B. A., Leonova, S., Öste, R., & Olsson, O. (2017). Identification and characterization of high protein oat lines from a mutagenized oat population. Journal of Cereal Science, 75, 100-107. doi:

Sunilkumar, B. A., & Tareke, E. (2016). Identification of discrepancies in grain quality and grain protein composition through avenin proteins of oats in an effort to increase protein content. Agriculture & Food Security, 5(1), 7. doi: 10.1186/s40066-016-0056-6

Runyon, J. R., Sunilkumar, B. A., Nilsson, L., Rascon, A., & Bergenståhl, B. (2015). The effect of heat treatment on the soluble protein content of oats. Journal of Cereal Science, 65, 119-124. doi:

Bindu Sunilkumar, M.phil, M.Sc; Eden Tareke, PhD., Testing the effect of chemicals known for their toxicity to humans on seed germination, a potential plant seed based toxicity assay. Indian Journal of Experimental Biology (Accepted)