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Bradley Sparkes

Bradley Sparkes
I am a Doctoral Student in soil science in the Group of Nutrient Cycling, within the Department of Soil and Environment. My work focuses on carbon and nutrient cycling below ground, and how this is impacted by crop diversification strategies. Currently, with a more specific focus on intracropping, functional diversity, and carbon persistence.


Laboratory assistant in Soil Science for Environment and Water Undergraduate level course


2023-current Diversified cropping systems: Synergies and trade-offs of soil carbon and nitrogen cycling.


My project is part of the AgroMixNorth project: Climate-smart resilience through diversified cropping systems - Identifying springboards in Nordic and Baltic agriculture led by Prof. Anke Herrmann (2023-2027).


2023-current Ph.D. in Soil Science. SLU Ultuna

2021-2023 M.Sc. Physical Geography and Ecosystem Science. Lund University.

2016-2020 B.Sc. in Physical Geography. Keele University.


Doctoral Student at the Department of Soil and Environment; Soil nutrient cycling
Telephone: +4618673074, +46765291260