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Christine Watson

Christine Watson
Guest Researcher at SLU and Professor of Agricultural Systems at SRUC


I am a guest researcher at SLU based in the Department of Crop Production Ecology at Uppsala working with Göran Bergkvist and Ingrid Öborn. My home institution is SRUC in Scotland UK. My research focuses on improving nutrient use efficiency in a wide range of agricultural systems including outdoor pig production, dairying, organic farming and agroforestry. I am particularly interested in the management of legumes in agricultural systems and was the Scientific Coordinator of the EU Legume Futures project.

I am currently President of the European Society of Agronomy (2014-2016) and Vice President of the Association of Applied Biologists (2015-2017). Currently I serve on the Editorial Board of the European Journal of Agronomy. I am also involved in teaching the SRUC MSc Organic Farming course by distance learning.



I co-supervise 3 PhD students in SLU:

Raj Chongtham

Tarirai Muoni

Moritz Reckling

Selected publications

Chongtham, I.R., Bergkvist, G., Watson, C., Sandström, E., Bengtsson, J. & Öborn, I. (2016).  Factors influencing crop rotation strategies on organic farms with different time periods since conversion to organic production. Biological Agriculture & Horticulture (accepted)
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Lindström, B.E.M., Frankow-Lindberg, B.E., Dahlin, A.S., Wivstad, M. & Watson, C.A. (2013). Micronutrient concentrations and off-take of common and novel forage species and varieties grown on two contrasting soils. Grass and Forage Science 68, 427-36.




Non employee at the Department of Crop Production Ecology; Agrara odlingssystem Non employee at the Department of Crop Production Ecology; Agricultural cropping systems
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