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Cristian Wedgwood

Cristian Wedgwood
Interdisciplinary researcher on sustainable energy, food, and water systems.


My training to date has been varied, starting with economics and later shifting to sustainable resource management and environmental sciences.  I have experience with economics of environment, pollution, and mitigation, and assessing the resource use, environmental impact, and economics of farming systems.  My research interest is in determining how farmers, industry, and society at large can maximize the productivity from the use scarce resources while minimizing and mitigating the environmental impact of energy, food, and water supply systems.


My doctoral education is focused on evaluating the environmental and economic assessment of biorefinery methods for converting crop residues into useful products, such as biofuels, plant proteins, and organic fertilizers.  This will also include evaluating the entire life cycle of the system, from background processes producing water, energy, and other inputs, as well as the cropping system providing residues, through the biorefinery process itself, to the ultimate use of the product.


My doctoral education is part of the Biogas Solutions Research Center which is a consortium between SLU, Linköping University and various government and private sector organizations.  


Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Tulane University

Master’s degree in Integrated Water Resource Management, with a specialization in Middle East North Africa, from TH Cologne

Former Co-founder of Urban Aquaponics/Farming Start-up in Cologne