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Gaia Giedrė Banelytė

Gaia Banelyté
I work as a research assistant in the LIFEPLAN team conducting logistical tasks, hierarchical data collection and sample processing in the laboratory.


I earned a Master's degree in nature management from the university of Copenhagen where the main focus area had been the impacts of stand structural variation in managed and unmanaged forests on biodiversity and its conservation. Previously I was also involved in such projects as the rewilding project in Mols Bjerge national park (Denmark), Greenland Ecosystem Monitoring program and EU LUCAS (Land use and land cover survey) project.

Selected publications

Atrena A., Banelytė G.G., Læssøe T., Riis-Hansen R., Bruun H.H., Rahbek C., Heilmann-Clausen J. (2020). Quality of substrate and forest structure determine macrofungal richness along a gradient of management intensity in beech forests. Forest Ecology and Management 478: 118512.


Research Assistant at the Department of Ecology; NJ, Insect Ecology Unit
Postal address:
Inst för ekologi, Box 7044
756 51 UPPSALA
Visiting address: Ulls Väg 16, Uppsala