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Isabella Hallberg-Sramek

Isabella Hallberg-Sramek
I am a researcher at SLU, conducting research and teaching about sustainable forest management. I am particularly interested in the relationships between people and forests, and the effects they have on the provision of ecosystem services.


My research focuses on the relationships between people and forests, how these relationships have shaped the forests in Sweden, and the impact contemporary relationships can have on future forests. A particular emphasis is placed on how these relationships affect the benefits, known as ecosystem services, co-created in forests, and to what extent these reflect the expectations placed on forests. A central question in my research is how we can develop forest management to meet the needs of both current and future generations while maintaining vital and healthy forest ecosystems.

Selected publications

Doctoral thesis: 

Hallberg Sramek, I. (2023). Tailoring forest management to local socio-ecological contexts: Addressing climate change and local stakeholders’ expectations of forests. Acta Universitatis Agriculturae Sueciae, (2023: 19).

Peer reviewed publications: 

*Corresponding author

Reimerson, E*., Priebe, J., Hallberg-Sramek, I., de Boon, A., and Sandström, C. (2024). Local articulations of climate change action in Sweden. Environmental Science & Policy 151: 103626. 

Priebe, J*., Hallberg-Sramek, I., Reimerson, E., & Mårald, E. (2023). The spectrum of knowledge: integrating knowledge dimensions in the context of forests and climate change. Sustainability Science, 18(3), 1329-1341. 

Hallberg-Sramek, I*., Nordström, E. M., Priebe, J., Reimerson, E., Mårald, E., & Nordin, A. (2023). Combining scientific and local knowledge improves evaluating future scenarios of forest ecosystem services. Ecosystem Services, 60, 101512. 

Kauppi, P. E*., Stål, G., Arnesson-Ceder, L., Hallberg-Sramek, I., Hoen, H. F., Svensson, A., Wernick, I.K., Högberg, P., Lundmark, T., & Nordin, A. (2022). Managing existing forests can mitigate climate change. Forest Ecology and Management, 513, 120186. 

Hallberg-Sramek, I*., Reimerson, E., Priebe, J., Nordström, E. M., Mårald, E., Sandström, C., & Nordin, A. (2022). Bringing “Climate-Smart Forestry” Down to the Local Level—Identifying Barriers, Pathways and Indicators for Its Implementation in Practice. Forests, 13(1), 98. 

Priebe, J*., Reimerson, E., Hallberg-Sramek, I., Sténs, A., Sandström, C., & Mårald, E. (2022). Transformative Change in Context: Stakeholders’ Understandings of Leverage at the Forest–Climate Nexus. Sustainability Science. 

Hallberg-Sramek, I*., Bjärstig, T., & Nordin, A. (2020). Framing woodland key habitats in the Swedish media–how has the framing changed over time?. Scandinavian Journal of Forest Research, 1-12. 

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