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Jasmina Sargac

Jasmina Sargac
PhD student working in the area of freshwater ecology and food webs


As PhD student at SLU I am working in the area of freshwater ecology. My research focuses on the factors that regulate the transfer and uptake of aquatic subsidies into terrestrial food webs using streams as study systems. I want to disentangle how land use and riparian buffer strips affect  biodiversity, functioning and ecosystem services (ES) of these unique habitats.

Principal supervisor:

Richard K. Johnson - SLU, Aquatic Science and Assessment, Sweden

Deputy supervisors:

Brendan G. McKie - SLU, Aquatic Science and Assessment, Sweden

Francis J. Burdon - SLU, Aquatic Science and Assessment, Sweden

Astrid Taylor - SLU, Ecology, Sweden

Michael T. Brett - UW, Civil & Environmental Engineering, USA



CROSSLINK - Understanding cross-habitat linkages between blue and green infrastructure to optimize management of biodiversity, ecosystem services and multiple human uses 

NEXUS - How does altered connectivity between streams and riparian ecosystems impact the biodiversity, ecosystem functioning and valued ecosystem services of riparian buffer strips 


POSTGRADUATE SPECIALIST STUDY - Environmental protection and nature conservation (2012 - 2015), Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek, Croatia. Thesis: Ecological quality assessment of Lonja River upper basin based on macrozoobenthos analysis (Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Mladen Kerovec)

GRADUATE STUDY - Biology, program of Ecology (2004 – 2010 ), University of Zagreb, Faculty of Science, Croatia. Thesis: Plankton communities in the Jankovac stream artificial lakes (Papuk) (Supervisor: Assoc. Prof. Maria Špoljar)

Selected publications

Sargac, J.; Johnson, R.K.; Burdon, F.J.; Truchy, A.; Rî¸snoveanu, G.; Goethals, P.; McKie, B.G. Forested Riparian Buffers Change the Taxonomic and Functional Composition of Stream Invertebrate Communities in Agricultural Catchments. Water 2021, 13 (8). DOI:10.3390/w13081028

Burdon, F.J.; Ramberg, E.; Sargac, J.; Forio, M.A.E.; de Saeyer, N.; Mutinova, P.T.; Moe, T.F.; Pavelescu, M.O.; Dinu, V.; Cazacu, C.; Witing, F.; Kupilas, B.; Grandin, U.; Volk, M.; Rîşnoveanu, G.; Goethals, P.; Friberg, N.; Johnson, R.K.; McKie, B.G. Assessing the Benefits of Forested Riparian Zones: A Qualitative Index of Riparian Integrity Is Positively Associated with Ecological Status in European Streams. Water 2020, 12 (4). DOI:10.3390/w12041178

Ramberg, E.; Burdon, F.J.; Sargac, J.; Kupilas, B.; Rîşnoveanu, G.; Lau, D.C.P.; Johnson, R.K.; McKie, B.G. The Structure of Riparian Vegetation in Agricultural Landscapes Influences Spider Communities and Aquatic-Terrestrial Linkages. Water 2020, 12 (10). DOI:10.3390/w12102855

Kahlert, M.  et al. New molecular methods to assess biodiversity. Potentials and pitfalls of DNA metabarcoding: a workshop report. Research Ideas and Outcomes 5 2019. DOI:10.3897/rio.5.e38915

Špoljar, M.;  Dražina, T.; Šargač, J.; Kralj Borojević, K.; Žutinić, P. Submerged macrophytes as a habitat for zooplankton development in two reservoirs of a flow-through system (Papuk Nature Park, Croatia) .Ann. Limnol. - Int. J. Lim. 2012, 48 (2) 161-175.


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