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Juliette Hayer

Juliette Hayer
Coordinator of the SLU Bioinformatics Infrastructure (SLUBI). Researcher in Bioinformatics - viruses detection and discovery in animals.


Juliette is the coordinator of SLUBI, an infrastructure that provides support and training in Bioinformatics for researchers at SLU.


I teach every year at SLU in the bioinformatics introduction course and I also participate in diverse bioinformatics trainings in other countries.


I am involved in many different projects aiming at viruses detection and discovery using viral metagenomics with hight throughput sequencing technologies.


Since March 2017           Researcher and SLU Bioinformatics Infrastructure's coordinator, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Department of Animal Breeding and Genetics, SLU Global Bioinformatics Centre, Uppsala, Sweden.

Sept. 2013-Aug. 2016     Post-doctoral position at Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Department of Animal Breeding and Genetics, SLU Global Bioinformatics Centre, Uppsala, Sweden.

    - Study of viral metagenomes and development of a dedicated analytic pipeline in the veterinary field.

2009 - 2013            PhD Student at Institut de Biologie et Chimie des protéines (UMR 5086 CNRS-UCBL), Bioinformatics Structures and Interactions group, Lyon, France.     - Doctoral contract with teaching mission at Université Claude  Bernard Lyon 1.

    - Development of HBVdb, a knowledge database for Hepatitis B Virus, for the study of drug resistance. Integration of sequence analysis tools and application to the polymerase molecular modeling.

2008 - 2009            Engineer at Laboratoire de génétique moléculaire (Inserm U827), Montpellier, France (one-year engineer contract)

    - Development of tools for input and quality control of patients’ clinical data (neuromuscular diseases)

    - Development of a management system for pre-implantatory diagnosis experiments

2006-2008       MS in Bioinformatics - Université de la Méditerranée, Marseille, France. 

2003-2006       BS in Cellular Biology - Université de la Méditerranée, Marseille, France.



I am the co-supervisor of four PhD students: three at the section of Virology (BVF) and one at the Bioinformatics section (HGEN).

Selected publications

  • Malmberg, M., Rubio-Guerri, C., Hayer, J., García-Párraga, D., Nieto-Pelegrín, E., Melero, M., ... & Granberg, F. (2017). Phylogenomic analysis of the complete sequence of a gastroenteritis-associated cetacean adenovirus (bottlenose dolphin adenovirus 1) reveals a high degree of genetic divergence. Infection, Genetics and Evolution, 53, 47-55.

  • Cholleti, H., Hayer, J., Abilio, A. P., Mulandane, F. C., Verner-Carlsson, J., Falk, K. I., ... & Blomström, A. L. (2016). Discovery of novel viruses in mosquitoes from the Zambezi valley of Mozambique. PloS one, 11(9), e0162751.

  • Norling, M., Karlsson-Lindsjö, O. E., Gourlé, H., Bongcam-Rudloff, E., & Hayer, J. (2016). MetLab: An In Silico Experimental Design, Simulation and Analysis Tool for Viral Metagenomics Studies. PloS one, 11(8), e0160334.

  • Philipp Engel, Waldan Kwong, Quinn McFrederick, Kirk E. Anderson, Seth Barribeau, James Angus Chandler, Scott Cornman Cornman, Jacques Dainat, Joachim de Miranda, Vincent Doublet, Olivier Emery, Jay Evans, Laurent Farinelli, Michelle Flenniken, Fredrik Granberg, Juris Grasis, Laurent Gauthier, Juliette Hayer, Hauke Koch, Sarah Kocher, Vincent Martinson, Nancy Moran, Monica Munoz-Torres, Irene Newton, Robert Paxton, Jenkyn Powell, Ben Sadd, Paul Schmid‐Hempel, Regula Schmid‐Hempel, Se Jin Song, Ryan Schwarz, Dennis vanEngelsdorp, and Benjamin Dainat. (2016). The bee microbiome: impact on bee health and model for evolution and ecology of host-microbe interactions". mBio vol. 7 no. 2 e02164-15.
  • Karlsson O.E.*, Larsson J.*, Hayer J., Berg M. & Jacobson M. (2016) The intestinal eukaryotic virome in healthy and diarrhoeic neonatal piglets. PLoS ONE, 11(3): e0151481.


  • Hayer J., Rodriguez C., Germanidis G., Deléage G., Zoulim F., Pawlotsky J. M., & Combet C. (2014). Ultradeep Pyrosequencing and Molecular Modeling Identify Key Structural Features of Hepatitis B Virus RNase H, a Putative Target for Antiviral Intervention. Journal of Virology, 88(1), 574-582.
  • Hayer J., Jadeau F., Deléage G., Kay A., Zoulim F., & Combet C. (2013). HBVdb: a knowledge database for Hepatitis B Virus. Nucleic Acids Research, 41(D1), D566-D570.


Non employee at the Department of Animal Breeding and Genetics; Bioinformatik

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