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Kjell Danell

Kjell Danell
Professor emeritus in Wildlife Ecology at the Faculty of Forest Sciences, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) in Umeå.


Research discipline: Animal Ecology.

Research topics: Plant-animal interactions; ecology of mammals; invasive mammals; trophic interactions; population dynamics; wetland ecology; macro-ecology; climate change in northern latitudes; management of wildlife populations; conservation of biodiversity in boreal forests; history of wildlife and its management.

Study systems: Herbivores, mainly mammals and insects in boreal forests, tundra and savanna. Ducks in natural and man-made wetlands.

Habitats/biomes: Mostly the boreal forest, but also tundra and savanna.

Methods: Mainly field experiments and analyses of long-term data sets on population fluctuations.

Research over time: My doctoral thesis was on the invasive muskrat in Sweden and its ecology. How rapidly would it spread southwards in Sweden and how might it affect the native vegetation? How might its numbers fluctuate after invasion? My wetland interest then expanded to include the ecology of ducks, and especially their feeding ecology and habitat choice. The main purpose of gathering this basic knowledge was gain insight into how to restore and maintain wetland habitats for breeding birds.

The interactions between plants and animals in terrestrial habitats gradually became my main interest and that passion still continues. Over the years I have mainly worked with ungulates, especially moose, hares, microtine rodents and to some extent with leaf-feeding insects and saproxylic insects.

The main issues have been optimal foraging strategy, the impact of herbivores on plant individuals, tree stands, ecosystem processes and biodiversity. The chemical interplay between the herbivore and it food plants is a fascinating and relatively unexplored issue. With the continued rapid development of new molecular techniques, I am confident that we will have even more fascinating possibilities for deeper insights into the interplay

Some years ago, I got the opportunity to develop and lead a large research program on management of fish and wildlife populations. Within a multidisciplinary framework our highly competent scholars created a scientific foundation for a Swedish model of adaptive management which remains in use today. During this work I became interested in general questions of natural resource management, and especially the driving forces in society which have changed wildlife laws and management.

Now, as a professor emeritus, many of my previous interests have come together as I continue to write books synthesizing our knowledge of certain species, as well as using long-term datasets to explore the history of wildlife and wildlife management, and how society has changed.

Selected publications

Scientific books in English/Swedish (1999– )

14 published, 2 in print. Doctoral thesis: 1.

Scientific referred publications in English/Swedish (1977 – )


Popular scientific publications in English/Swedish (1974 – )

Original papers in Swedish/English: 172.



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Scientific papers, selected

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