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Kohsuke Tanigawa

Kohsuke Tanigawa
I’m a PhD student from Japan, currently working as a PhD student at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Umeå campus. My focus is on community ecology, specifically aboveground-belowground interactions in the warming tundra.


TA of inquiry-based learning course (2019-2020, Tokyo Metropolitan Minamitama Secondary Education School)


Current: Thresholds in the warming tundra
Climate change is warming tundra ecosystems, but how will they response to this disturbance?
Additionally to simple physiological responses, many interactions complicate this matter, such as plant-soil microbial competition or facilitation.
My aim is to discover the threshold temperature beyond which tundra ecosystems will not able to sustain their functions, and explain how this threshold is determined by teasing apart these interacting mechanisms.


Legacy effect of excessive deer herbivory

Excessive herbivory by sika deer is widespread in Japanese forests.
I investigated whether there is a legacy effect of this disturbance, which indirectly influences the performance of seedlings without direct herbivory, and looked into its mechanism utilizing soil abiotic and biotic analyses, including microbial RNA extraction and qPCR.

Mesocarnivores’ habitat preference in the forest

Japanese cold-temperate mixed mountains with both conifers and broad leaf trees are home to multiple mesocarnivore species with seemingly overlapping niches.
I conducted a camera trap survey and Bayesian occupancy modeling to investigate how these co-occurring species differentiate in their habitat preferences.



2019-2021 Master’s degree in Forest Science

Department of Forest Sciences,
Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences,
The University of Tokyo
Supervised by Toshihide Hirao

Thesis Title: The legacy effect of excessive shika deer browsing on the growth of tree seedlings through the modification of soil microbial functions.

2015-2019   Bachelor’s degree in Agriculture

Forest Life Sciences Major,
Applied Life Sciences Course,
Faculty of Agriculture, The University of Tokyo
Supervised by Toshihide Hirao

Thesis Title: Local differentiation of habitat preference among mesocarnivore species in a cool-temperate forest of Eastern Japan.

Selected publications

Tanigawa, K., Makino, Y., Miura, N., Umeki, K., & Hirao, T. (2022) Mammalian Biology. Scale-dependent habitat selection of sympatric mesocarnivore species in a cool temperate forest in eastern Japan.

Tanigawa, K. & Hirao, T. (2022) Miscellaneous Information of The University of Tokyo Forests. Invasion of the raccoon Procyon lotor into the remote mountainous area of the Chichibu region, Saitama Prefecture, Japan.



Doctoral Student at the Department of Forest Ecology and Management; Department of Forest Ecology and Management, joint staff
Postal address:
Skogens ekologi och skötsel
901 83 Umeå
Visiting address: Skogsmarksgränd 17, Umeå