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Louise Malmquist

Louise Malmquist
I am a PhD student at the Department of Soil and Environment, in the group Agricultural Water Management. My PhD-project focuses on water partitioning and water quantity in agricultural catchments in Sweden. The study emphases resilience in water management and effects on the water balance under influence of climate change, extreme weather and implementation of Best Management Practices to retain water in the landscape.


My research focuses on influences of climate change and extreme drought or flooding events on quantitative water balance in agricultural catchments. Firstly, the project explores limits of water availability for current crop production. These limits will further be studied under influence of selected future climate change scenario and potential extreme weather events. Secondly, the research will investigate effects of Best Management Practices for water retention (infiltration structures, constructed wetlands, water storage) on the water balance in- and off-field. This includes effects on water availability to increase resilience in agricultural landscapes.

The Swedish agricultural landscape, waterways and waterbodies are highly modified due to anthropogenic impact to improve cropland productivity. One key question is therefore to address water function in these modified landscapes and waterscapes. My project will include estimates and comparisons of water partitioning and function in historical landscapes and in landscapes with current management. By this comparison, I will explore possibilities to retain functions from historical water partitioning by good planning of Best Management Practices in todays’ landscape, under current and future extreme weather events. Yet, these solutions should still ensure resilient water quantities in the agricultural landscape, to maintain yield levels, or increase crop production.

The hydrological balance will be evaluated with the model Soil and Water Assessment Tool (SWAT). The evaluation is done by combining secondary collected field observation data, literature reviews, input from local experts and remote sensing data.


I have a Degree of Master of Science in Agriculture from SLU. After my graduation, I assisted in a project on soil erosion in Ethiopia at the Department of Soil and Environment. This was followed by an internship at Food and Agriculture Organization. My task was to assist in a project exploring the link between water uses in cropping systems with the nutrition content in human food intake. My latest employment was as field assistant at Lanna research station in Skara.


Previous students

Lindelöf, Linnea, MSc 2021, Objectifying historical maps to vector‐ and layers with focus on land‐cover, water bodies and watercourses


Doctoral Student at the Department of Soil and Environment; Agricultural water management
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