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Marie-Claude Dubois

Marie-Claude Dubois
Marie-Claude Dubois is expert on sustainable architectural design, focusing on energy efficiency of the building envelope, daylighting, and electric lighting.


Building scientist educated in Canada and Sweden (PhD 2001), Dr Dubois has contributed to more than 100 scientific communications in the fields of energy-efficient buildings, sustainable architecture, daylighting and electric lighting, and more recently, agritecture.


SLU Alnarp, programs ”Lantmästare” and “Horticulture”:

1) TN0357 – Teknik och byggnadsfunktion in djurstallar (course responsible)

2) TN0340 - Animalieproduktion 1 och Djurhållningens teknologi (lectures + exercises)

3) TN0256 – Byggnadsplanering (lectures + exercises)

4) TN0254 - Byggnadskonstruktion A (lectures + exercises on moisture transport)

5) TN0341 - Energisystem och energihushållning för landsbygdsföretag (1 lecture + examinor)

5) BI1309 - Horticultural systems and future challenges (1 lecture)

6) BI1233 -  Hydroponic systems (1 lecture)

Lund University, International Master in Energy-efficient and Environmental Building, Campus Helsingborg (Master’s), and School of Architecture (Bachelor and Master’s):

1) ‘Daylighting and lighting buildings’ (7,5 ECTS), Jan-Mar 2013-today, course responsible 50%

2) ‘Low energy office buildings integrating daylighting and ventilation’ (15 ECTS), Mar-May 2013-2020, course resp. 50%

3) ‘Hållbar arkitektur gestaltning’ (Sustainable architectural design), 2015-2020, main course responsible (100%)

4) ‘Hållbar teknik i byggd miljö’ (Sustainable technology in the built environment), 2015-2021, course resp. (50%)

5) ‘Climate smart architecture’, spring 2012-today (lectures and tutorials)


Externally funded research

  1. ‘Retrofitting electric lighting in livestock buildings’ (2022-2024), Licentiate project, funded by Swedish Energy Agency, 2,8 Mkr.
  2. ‘Improving energy-efficiency and indoor climate of livestock buildings through passive and active adaptation measures’ (2021-2024), Doctoral project, funded by Swedish Energy Agency, 4,7 Mkr.
  3. ‘Energieffektiva system för integrative belysning’ (2022-2024), Doctoral project, funded by Swedish Energy Agency, 3,6 Mkr.
  4. Documentary on the importance of daylighting in buildings’ (2021-2022), funded by Bertil & Britt Svenssons Stiftelse för Belysningsteknik, 570 000 kr.
  5. ‘Koppling mellan dagsljus och energiparametrar i täta stadsmiljöer’, Licentiate project funded by Skanska and SBUF, 4 MSEK.
  6. ‘Three short films on daylighting’ (2019-2021), project leader, FORMAS communication project, 3Mkr.
  7. ’Solving the BIM + energy performance + healthcare equation: Tool and work process for cost-effective and energy performing healthcare design’, Licentiate project funded by White arkitekter and Swedish Energy Agency, 2 Mkr.
  8. ’Daylight in the dense city’ (2016-2020), project leader, in collaboration with: BAU arkitekter, White arkitekter, Skanska, NCC, Bengt Dahlgren. Funded by Swedish Energy Agency and SBUF 3,5 Mkr (Swedish Energy Agency), 300 000 SEK (ARQ stiftelse).
  9. ’Daylight utilization in Buildings’ (2016-2017), project leader, in collaboration with: BAU arkitekter, White arkitekter, Skanska, NCC, Bengt Dahlgren. Funded by Swedish Energy Agency and SBUF 1,2 Mkr.
  10. ’Solavskärmningar i ett helhetsperspektiv: från energieffektivitet till energiproduktion och från produkt till arkitektur’ (2016-2017), participant, SP Sveriges Tekniska Forskningsinstitut (resp. Peter Kovacs), 5,7 MSEK.
  11. ‘IDES-EDU: Master and Post Graduate education and training in multi-disciplinary teams implementing EPBD and beyond’, participant, funded by Intelligent Energy Europe (IEE).

Environmental analysis

MKB Greenhouse, Malmö, Daylighting measurements and surveys, 2015-2017, funded by ARQ.


2022   Boverket (Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning), Ljus (dagsljus, solljus, utblick & belysning) - en kunskapssammanställning), online:

2021   Swedish Energy Agency, E2B2 research programme, reviewer


  • PhD, Construction and Architecture, Lund University (LTH), Sweden (Dipl. 2001)
  • Licentiat, Building Science, Lund University (LTH), Sweden (Dipl. 1998)
  • MSc Architecture, spec. Climatic Design, Laval University, Quebec, Canada (Dipl 1996)


2020-today     Senior lecturer and researcher, Biosystems and Technology (BT), Swedish University of
Agriculture Sciences (SLU, Alnarp, Sweden, 60%).

2010-today     Associate Professor (Docent), Lund University, Faculty of Engineering (LTH), Inst. for Architecture and Built Environment, Division of Energy and Building Design, (40-80%).

2012-2020      Environmental Specialist, White arkitekter, Sweden, (20%).

2003-2010      Associate Professor, Université Laval, Québec, Canada, Faculté d’aménagement, d’architecture, d’art et de design, École d’architecture, (100%).

2001-2003      Senior researcher, Statens Byggeforskningsinstitut (SBi), Hörsholm, Denmark, (100%).

1993-1994      Apprentice architect, Dorval & Fortin architects, Quebec, Canada, (100%).


2020-2023  Annie Drottberger (co-supervisor SLU Alnarp ’Roof-top plant factories’, PhD)

2023-2024  Sheikh Rishad Ahmmad (‘Retrofitting electric lighting in livestock buildings’, Tekn Licentiate)

2022-2025  Therese Malm (‘Improving energy-efficiency and indoor climate of livestock buildings’, PhD)

2019-2024  Marie-France Stendahl (‘BIM-BEM for low energy use in healthcare design’, Tekn Licentiate)

2021-2024  Emanuele Pepe (‘Relation between daylighting and energy use in the dense city’, Tekn Licentiate)

2019-2024  Marie-France Stendahl (‘BIM-BEM for low energy use in healthcare design’, Tekn Licentiate)

2016-2020  Iason Bournas (‘Daylight in the dense city’, PhD)

2012-2016  Niko Gentile (‘Lighting Control Systems to Save Energy in non-Residential Sector’, PhD)

2010-2012  Kajsa Flodberg (‘Energy-efficient office buildings with low internal heat gains’, Tekn Licentiate)

2011-2015  Jouri Kanters (‘Planning for solar buildings in urban environments’, PhD)

Selected publications


Updated list on Lund University Research Portal,

2117 citations (1026 since 2018), h-index 24 (17 since 2018), I 10-index 45 (28 since 2018)

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