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Mats Larsbo

Mats Larsbo
I am mainly doing research on solute transport in the unsaturated zone. My work spans from studies at the pore scale using X-ray tomography to the field scale where leaching of pesticides is the main focus. Numerical models are important tools in my research.


Ongoing projects:
- Consolidation of agricultural topsoils after harrowing
- Modelling the effects of soil freezing on pesticide transport
- Earthworm bioturbation responses to compaction and SOC availability
- Effects of SOC on soil structure, hydraulic properties and solute transport
- Pore network characteristics and preferential transport in cultivated soils
- Soil structure dynamics

Selected publications

Parvin N, Sandin M, Larsbo M. 2021. Seedbed consolidation and surface sealing for soils of different texture and soil organic carbon contents. Soil and Tillage Research. 206:104849.

Colombi, T., N. Kirchgessner, D. Iseskog, S. Alexandersson, M. Larsbo and T. Keller. 2021. A time-lapse imaging platform for quantification of soil crack development due to simulated root water uptake. Soil and Tillage Research 205: 104769.

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Researcher at the Department of Soil and Environment; Soil and Environmental Physics
Telephone: +4618671238
Postal address:
Box 7014
750 07 Uppsala
Visiting address: Lennart Hjelms väg 9, Uppsala