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Nadia Maaroufi

Nadia Maaroufi
I am a soil ecologist and my research is focused on understanding how global change drivers impact ecosystem functioning. I am particularly interested in the interactions between above- and below-ground organisms and the ecosystem processes they drive.


Current projects:

2019-2023 Land-use intensification alters ecosystem functions in grasslands: insights from the soil fungal community. FORMAS

2019-2020 Impact of global change on phyllosphere microbiomes in grasslands. SNF

2017- present The effect of ecosystem engineers on soil functioning in agricultural and forest habitats


-Lecturer within the 'Advanced course in Community Ecology', responsible for the Soil Ecology lectures, for bachelor students, IPS, Bern (2020)

-Lecturer within the 'Soil Biology course' for master students SLU, Uppsala (2017-2019

-Course leader for the 'Mini nematode identification course' for PhD student at the dept. of Ecology (2018)

-Lecturer within the 'Ecology course' for bachelor students, dept. of Forest Ecology and Management, SLU, Umeå (2013-2017)

-Lecturer for the 'Ecology course' for bachelor students, field excursion, dept. of Ecology and Environmental Science, Umeå University (2013-2017)   

-Teaching assistant for the 'Botanical course' for bachelor students, field excursion, dept. of Forest Ecology and Management, SLU, Umeå  (2014)


2016 Ph.D. in Biology defended the 21st of October 2016. Department of Forest Ecology and Management. SLU, Umeå.

2011 M.Sc. in Biology, Ecology for Forest, Agronomy and Environment. Specializing in ecosystems functioning & management University of Lorraine, FR.

2009 B.Sc. in Biology. Specializing in Biology of Organisms and Ecosystems University of Lorraine, FR.



2020 Bachelor student Vanessa Fricker, Research practical. Inst. of Plant Science. Bern University, CH.
Project: Impacts of nitrogen addition and plant diversity on soil fauna in grassland ecosystems. 


2020-present  PhD student Kaisa Torppa, Dept. of Ecology. SLU, Uppsala
project: Interactions between earthworms, nematodes and AM fungi and their role in the functioning of agricultural soils.
Main supervisor: Astrid Taylor

2019-present  PhD student Thu Zar Nwe, Inst. of Plant Science. Bern University, CH.
project: Direct and indirect effects of nitrogen addition on soil fauna and soil functioning in grasslands.
Main supervisor: Eric Allan

Selected publications

Neuenkamp L. & Maaroufi N.I in press Tiny fungi in the soil are like medicine for nature. Frontiers for Young Minds.

Maaroufi N.I. & J.R. De Long (2020) Global change impacts on forest soils: linkage between soil biota and carbon-nitrogen-phosphorus stoichiometry. Frontiers Forests & Global Change 

Forsmark B., Nordin A.N., Maaroufi N.I., Lundmark T., Gundale M.J.  (2020) Low and High nitrogen deposition rates in northern coniferous forests have different impacts on aboveground litter production, soil respiration, and soil carbon stocks. Ecosystems 

Maaroufi N. I., Nordin A., Palmqvist K., Hasselquist N.J., Forsmark B., Rosenstock N.P., Wallander H., Gundale M. J. (2019) Anthropogenic nitrogen enrichment enhances soil carbon accumulation by impacting saprotrophs rather than ectomycorrhizal fungal activity. Global Change Biology

Maaroufi N. I., Palmqvist K., Bach L.H., Bokhorst S., Liess A., Gundale M. J., Kardol P., Nordin A., Meunier C. L. (2018) Nutrient optimization of tree growth alters structure and function of boreal soil food webs. Forest Ecology and Management 428:46-56

Maaroufi N. I., Nordin A., Palmqvist K., Gundale M. J. (2017) Nitrogen enrichment impacts on boreal litter decomposition are driven by changes in soil microbiota rather than litter quality. Scientific Reports. 7:4083

Maaroufi N. I. (2016) The effect of Simulated Anthropogenic Nitrogen Deposition on the Net Carbon Balance of Boreal Soils SLU, Doctoral thesis Acta Universitatis agriculturae Sueciae, 1652-6880 ; 2016:98

Maaroufi N. I., Nordin A., Palmqvist K., Gundale M. J. (2016) Chronic nitrogen deposition has a minor effect on the quantity and quality of aboveground litter in a boreal forest. PLOS One. 8: e0162086

Maaroufi N. I., Nordin A., Hasselquist N. J., Bach L.H., Palmqvist K., Gundale M. J. (2015) Anthropogenic nitrogen deposition enhances carbon sequestration in boreal soils. Global Change Biology. 21:3169-3180

Postdoctor at the Department of Forest Mycology and Plant Pathology; Markmikrobiologi
Postal address:
Skoglig mykologi och växtpatologi
Box 7026
750 07 Uppsala
Visiting address: Almas Allé 5, Uppsala