CV page

Noelia Saavedra


I am a PhD student at the department of Forest Ecology and Management. My supervisors are Professor John D. Marshall, Doctor Teresa E. Gimeno and Professor Torgny Näsholm. I am broadly interested in ecology, ecophysiology, ecohydrology and dendroecology.


My research focuses on characterizing and quantifying the important role trees play in the boreal hydrologic cycle by incorporating the use of stable isotopes, sap flow sensors and gas exchange system.

Previously, I held a position as a research engineer at the ECOFUN TEAM in UMR ISPA (INRA- Bordeaux, France) lead by Jérôme Ogée and Lisa Wingate where I also undertook a MSc. Research stage to study “how does leaf ontogeny affect the coupling of photosynthesis and transpiration on different life forms under increasing levels of water stress?” Supervised by Teresa E. Gimeno and Lisa Wingate.

Before, I undertook a Bachelor research stage at the Dryland Ecology and Global Change lab of Professor Fernando T. Maestre (URJC, Madrid, Spain), studying the “Effects of climate change on the phenology of different plant functional types”. Supervised by Fernando T. Maestre, Marcos Méndez and Enrique Valencia.



M.S. – Biodiversity Characterization and Conservation Techniques. (2015) Area of Biodiversity and Conservation. Department of Biology and Geology, The University Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid, Spain.

B.S. – in Environmental Sciences. 2014. The University Rey Juan Carlos (URJC), Madrid, Spain.

Selected publications

Gimeno, T. E., Saavedra, N., Ogée, J., Medlyn, B. E., & Wingate, L. (2019). A novel optimisation approach incorporating non-stomatal limitations predicted stomatal behaviour on species from six plant functional types. Journal of experimental botany.

Jones, S.P., Ogée, J., Sauze, J., Wohl, S., Saavedra, N., Fernández-Prado, N., Maire, J., Launois, T., Bosc, A. and Wingate, L., 2017. Non-destructive estimates of soil carbonic anhydrase activity and associated soil water oxygen isotope composition. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 21(12), pp.6363-6377.

Valencia, E., Méndez, M., Saavedra, N. and Maestre, F.T., 2016. Plant size and leaf area influence phenological and reproductive responses to warming in semiarid Mediterranean species. Perspectives in plant ecology, evolution and systematics, 21, pp.31-40.