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Peter Agback

Peter Agback
I am doing research in two areas: protein structures and dynamics and metabolomics. I am also taking care of the NMR instruments at the department and helping other researchers use them.


Currently I am working on the structures and dynamics using NMR spectroscopy of "difficult" proteins, i.e. having no structure (intrinsically disordered proteins, IDP) or showing very dynamic behaviour. In addition I am collaborating with several reasearch groups at SLU, helping them with their metabolomic stidues.

I have earlier worked on protein/DNA interactions and RNA/DNA structures as well as small molecule elucidation.


At the department of molecular sciences since November 2011.

CEO and consultant at A NMR Consulting, 2008-2011.

Senior Research Scientist at Karo Bio AB, 1999-2008.

Researcher, department of Bioorganic Chemistry, Uppsala University, 1998-1999.

Assistant Professor, department of Biotechnology, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), 1996-1998.

Research Associate, department of Microbiology and Immunology, Leicester University, 1994-1996.

Post-doc, department of Bioorganic Chemistry, Uppsala University, 1993-1994.

PhD, Uppsala University, 1993.

BSc, Uppsala University, 1987.


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Research Engineer at the Department of Molecular Sciences; Organisk kemi
Telephone: +4618671581
Postal address:
Institutionen för molekylära vetenskaper
Box 7015
750 07 Uppsala
Visiting address: Almas Allé 5, BioCentrum, Ultuna, Uppsala