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Renee Van Dorst

Renee Van Dorst


Research interests:
- Climate change impacts on species interactions
- Size-structured population dynamics (e.g. ontogenetic shifts)
- Spatiotemporal population dynamics

Since June 2016 I am a PhD student at the Department of Aquatic Resources in Öregrund. The main topic of my PhD is size structured fish communities’ responses to climate change. To investigate changes in community dynamics due to warmer and browner waters, I will use a combination of data from lake monitoring, mesocosm and aquaria experiments. Furthermore I will use size-structured population models to simulate fish community responses to the combined effects of temperature increase and brownification.

My PhD is funded by the Swedish Research Council FORMAS and by the Department of Aquatic Resources at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.

Magnus Huss, Department of Aquatic Resources, SLU
Anna Gårdmark, Department of Aquatic Resources, SLU
Richard Svanbäck, Department of Ecology and Genetics, Animal Ecology, Uppsala University

Doctoral Student at the Department of Aquatic Resources; Institute of Coastal Research, joint staff
Telephone: 010-478 4176
Postal address:
Kustlaboratoriet, Skolgatan 6
742 42 Öregrund
Visiting address: Skolgatan 6, Öregrund