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Shokoufeh Salimi

Shokoufeh Salimi
My research focus is on wetland ecosystems and their function alternation under climate change and different land uses. Moreover, I am interested in finding sustainable management strategies to maintain the wetland ecosystem services such as climate change mitigation, water quality improvement, and flood control.


I am an environmental engineer who is working as a post-doc in the Department of Forest Ecology and Management, SLU, Umeå. I am interested in the impact of climate change on wetland ecosystems, both natural and constructed wetlands, as well as the connected water bodies. Furthermore, my primary goal is to determine an optimal and sustainable management strategy to protect wetland ecosystems and receiving watercourses.


My research is focused on the impact of climate change and different management strategies on the peatland ecosystem. I am conducting a mesocosm experiment in climate-controlled rooms to investigate the impact of both current and a moderate future climate scenario (RCP 4.5) on a) methane and carbon dioxide emissions, b) hydrology and flood control services, c) water quality, and, d) peat decomposition in boreal peatlands under different ditch maintenance treatments: 1) restoration, 2) ditch cleaning, and 3) left alone.


  • Ph.D.- Water Resource Engineering, Division of Water Resource Engineering (TVRL), Faculty of Engineering (LTH), Lund University, Sweden 
  • MSc- Physical Geography/Earth Science, Department of Ecology and Environmental Science (EMG), Umeå University, Sweden
  • MSc- Natural Resource Engineering/ Watershed Management, Faculty of Natural Resource Engineering, Mazandaran University, Iran
  • BSc- Natural Resource Engineering/ Range and Watershed Management Faculty of Natural Resource Engineering, Mazandaran University, Iran

Selected publications

Khodaei, B., Hashemi, H., Salimi, S., & Berndtsson, R. (2023). Substantial carbon sequestration by peatlands in temperate areas revealed by InSAR. Environmental Research Letters, 18(4), 044012.

Salimi, S., & Scholz, M. (2022). Importance of water level management for peatland outflow water quality in the face of climate change and drought. Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 29(50), 75455-75470.

Salimi, S., Berggren, M., & Scholz, M. (2021). Response of the peatland carbon dioxide sink function to future climate change scenarios and water level management. Global Change Biology, 27(20), 5154-5168.

Salimi, S., & Scholz, M. (2021). Impact of future climate scenarios on peatland and constructed wetland water quality: A mesocosm experiment within climate chambers. Journal of Environmental Management, 289, 112459.

Salimi, S., Almuktar, S. A., & Scholz, M. (2021). Impact of climate change on wetland ecosystems: A critical review of experimental wetlands. Journal of Environmental Management, 286, 112160. 

Rocher‐Ros, G., Giesler, R., Lundin, E., Salimi, S., Jonsson, A., & Karlsson, J. (2017). Large lakes dominate CO2 evasion from lakes in an arctic catchment. Geophysical Research Letters, 44(24), 12-254. 

Ghanbarpour, M. R., Saravi, M. M., & Salimi, S. (2014). Floodplain Inundation Analysis Combined with Contingent Valuation: Implications for Sustainable Flood Risk Management. Water Resources Management, 1-15. 

Ghanbarpour, M. R., Salimi, S., & Hipel, K. W. (2013). A Comparative Evaluation of Flood Mitigation Alternatives Using GIS‐Based River Hydraulics Modeling and Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis. Journal of Flood Risk Management, 6(4), 319-331. 


Postdoctor at the Department of Forest Ecology and Management; Department of Forest Ecology and Management, joint staff
Postal address:
Skogens ekologi och skötsel
901 83 Umeå
Visiting address: Skogsmarksgränd 17, Umeå