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Thomas B. Randrup

Thomas Randrup
Thomas is professor in Urban Open Space Management and Head of Subject for Landscape Governance and Management. Thomas study the role and use of urban open spaces, and have a special interest in the concepts of Strategic Management, Nature-based Solutions and Nature-based Thinking.


I work with the processes, roles and use of urban open spaces that keep them relevant and valued. In doing so, I have a special interest in the concepts of Public Strategic Management, Nature-based Solutions and Nature-based Thinking.

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I contribute to a number of courses within the Landscape Architecture, Landscape Engeneering and the new Forest & Landscape program. 

I frequently supervise students at all levels.

I run the bi-annul PhD course "Researching Landscape Governance". Next time will be in may 2025. 


During my career, I have studied and promoted the role of urban green spaces, and especially the role of urban trees. I have a special interest in public management of urban open spaces for the benefit of both man (human health and well-being) and nature (biodiversity).

The term ‘Management’ is a combination of Planning and Maintenance, denoted as 'Strategic Management'. In strategic management, policy making, tactical provision and operational activities are all included and equally considered.

I have a social-ecological-organisational focus on my research, in studying how public straegtic management of green (or open) spaces can support users and/or natures needs and preferences. The purpose of my research is to develop management solutions of urban open spaces, with a strategic management mindset which reduces resources, and increses use.



I have a M.Sc. in Landscape Architecture from the University of Copenhagen, Denmark (1990), and a PhD in Landscape Planning also from the University of Copenhagen (1996).

I worked for the Danish Forest and Landscape Research Institute as researcher, senior consultant and senior researcher (1996 – 2003), and at University of Copenhagen, as professor in Urban Greening & Park Management (2003 – 2008). In late 2008 I left academia to become Head of Department and later Business Unit Director at NIRAS Consultants (2008 – 2011), after which I became Business Developer for HedeDanmark, the largest landscaping company in Scandinavia (2011 – 2015). During 2014 I was interim CEO at a Swedish landscaping company (Väla Mark & Trädgård) when acquired by HedeDanmark. In February 2015, I returned to academia as a researcher and research coordinator at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU). In January 2016, I was appointed as full professor at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Dept. of Landscape Architecture and Spatial Planning (15% position), as well as at SLU at Dept. of Landscape Architecture, Planning and Management.

I was Honorary Professor at University of Copenhagen 2009-2019.

I co-founded (with Cecil Konijnendijk) the scientific journal Urban Forestry and Urban Greening , published by Elsevier since 2002.

During my career, I have produced more than 400 publications, including peer-reviewed articles and book chapters, edited proceedings and books, scientific and professional articles, and conference papers.

I have been involved in a range of international networking and project activities. He initiated and coordinated the COST Action on Urban Forests & Trees (funded by the European Union), and participated in the twinning cooperation for sustainable forestry between Denmark and Malaysia. He has advised the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations on urban and peri-urban forestry issues, and has served as project evaluator in e.g. Sweden, Norway, Finland, USA, UK, Singapore and Hong Kong. Lately, larger EU finansed projects (e.g. Green Surge and CONEXUS) and the Driving Urban Transition project, NATURO have formed central parts of my academic network and focus.

In 2019 I became International Fellow of The Royal Swedish Academy of Forestry and Agriculture, and in 2020 Member of the Royal Fysiografic Society in Lund, Sweden, Academy for Natural Sciences, Medicin and  Techniqe. 


I regulary supervise BSc, MSC and PhD students within the (urban) landscape governance and management fields.

Selected publications


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