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Torleif Härd

Torleif Härd
Professor Torleif Härd is a physical chemist with expertise in protein chemistry and structural biology, which he applies for research in biotechnology and protein engineering.


His research team studies the mechanisms for protein aggregation and the spontaneous self-assembly of proteins into nanometer-sized fibers. One goal of is to engineer naturally occurring protein nanofibers into new environmentally friendly and biochemically functional materials. The research also includes the use of protein engineering to create new tools for research on protein aggregation.

Professor Torleif Härd with his research group. From the left: Mahfuz Rahman, Benjamin Schmuck, Torleif Härd, Nils Egil Mikkelsen and Saumendra Roy. Photo: Cajsa Lithell.



Dean, Professor at the Department of Molecular Sciences; Strukturbiologi
Telephone: +4618671050
Postal address:
Institutionen för molekylära vetenskaper