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Short facts about the Biotron in Alnarp

This research facility of approximately 1100 square meters is equipped with state of the art technology offering high precision in light, temperature, humidity and CO2.

There are 24 climatized chambers of four different kinds - climate chambers, daylight chambers, greenhouse chambers for precision experiments and growth chambers for propagation of plant material.

In the most advanced chambers, it is possible to simulate realistic growing conditions in different places in the world, including varying day temperature. LED lighting is used to mimic sunlight spectral composition. The new facility increases reliability, and factors such as humidity and air circulation are controlled with greater accuracy than before.

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The Biotron

Published: 08 July 2024 - Page editor: anette.neldestam@slu.se


Alexandra Nikolic, production manager at the Cultivation Unit, +46 40-415077, +46 709-655027.

Ann Dahl, research engineer, phone: +46 40-41 52 05

Ramesh Vetukuri, operational development, phone: +46 73-9262363