Contacts at the LTV Faculty

Last changed: 07 April 2021

Here you can find contact information to the management and office of the Faculty of Landscape Architecture, Horticulture and Crop Production Sciences (LTV faculty).

Faculty management

The dean has powers and responsibilities to the extent that the faculty board delegates. The dean also has powers and responsibilities as line manager between the vice-chancellor and heads of department, to the extent decided by the vice-chancellor.

Håkan Schroeder, Dean
040-41 51 33, 0703-17 69 53

Karl Lövrie, Pro Dean

Margit Nothnagl, Head of Faculty Administration
040-41 50 31, 0761-17 22 96

Contact persons regarding education, research and collaboration at the LTV faculty


  • Annica Thomsson, Education Officer, 040-41 50 31, 072-525 3151, 040-41 50 03, 073-059 54 66
  • Åsa Lankinen, Vice Dean, Responsible for education at doctoral level (PhD), 040-41 53 67



  • Kristina Santén, External Collaboration Coordinator,
    Unit for Collaboration and Development, tel: 073-020 9088

Faculty Office

The main task of the faculty office is to provide support to the management of the faculty and its departments, providing decision bases and administrative support.

The head of the faculty office is Head of Faculty Administration Margit Nothnagl,


(To dial the phone numbers listed above from outside Sweden,
please add +46, and skip the first 0, i.e. +46 40 41 51 33 to Dean Håkan Schroeder.)


LTV Faculty Office, SLU
040-41 55 50

Postal address:
SLU Alnarp
Box 190
SE-234 22 Lomma

040-41 50 00