Departments at the LTV faculty

Last changed: 08 February 2024

The Faculty of Landscape Planning, Horticulture and Crop Production Sciences (LTV Faculty) has six departments.

Biosystems and Technology

The Department of Biosystems and Technology explores interactions between soil, plants, animals, environment, climate and humans in systems for sustainable production of food and renewable raw materials. Teaching and research deal with questions about sustainable and efficient use of limited resources for production in greenhouses, on agricultural land and in farm buildings.

Landscape Architecture, Planning and Management

The Department of Landscape Architecture, Planning and Management is dedicated to research, education and collaboration in all types of landscape, with a particular focus on multifunctional and dynamic landscapes, and their importance to people. The department has research and teaching related to planning, design, construction and management of urban outdoor environments, as well as management of the landscape for living, recreational and other purposes. Cultural heritage and the conservation of cultivated plants is also a vital part of the activities, e.g. within POM, the Programme for Diversity of Cultivated Plants.

People and Society

The Department of People and Society is responsible for training in work science, business economics, and environmental psychology focused on landscape architecture. The research at the department is often conducted in the borderland between social and natural sciences, and can be about work environment, behaviour, experience, landscape architecture, health, attitudes, preferences, entrepreneurship, consumer behaviour, perception, motor development, leadership etc.

Plant Breeding

The Department of Plant Breeding works with research and teaching focusing on the genetic variation among horticultural and agricultural crops, and how new characteristics or features can be improved by plant breeding for farming and industrial production. The department is located at Alnarp and Balsgård and teaches both undergraduate and doctoral students.

Plant Protection Biology

The Department of Plant Protection Biology is an interdisciplinary constellation with good opportunities for strong research collaboration within and outside the department. The main areas are chemical ecology, sensory biology, resistance biology, nematology and integrated plant protection. Research efforts are directed towards both fundamental and applied research. Applied plant protection research is carried out in collaboration with industry and primarily focuses on the development of environmentally sustainable pest control strategies for agriculture and horticulture, both in Sweden and internationally.

Urban and Rural Development

At the Department of Urban and Rural Development we teach and carry out research in the fields of landscape architecture, environmental impact assessment, environmental communication, rural development and agroecology.The Swedish Center for Nature Interpretation (SCNI) is also a part of the department. We are united by our interest in the relationship between man and environment, and the sustainable use of natural resources. It is the divison of Lanscape Architecture that is attached to LTV Faculty.


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