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SLU Aquaculture

The mission of the SLU Aquaculture platform is to consolidate and develop aquaculture research and education at SLU.

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EpiBreedCharr – Epigenetic powered breeding in Arctic charr

The EpiBreedCharr project will assess the effect of epigenetics in aquaculture breeding schemes. As a case study of both practical and scientific interest, we will investigate the possibility of

GenoAvel – Genomic selection for improved Arctic char production in Sweden

Swedish Arctic charr industry nowadays faces several challenges, like disease outbreaks, that threaten its sustainability. Modern breeding practices can offer solutions. Genomic selection is a

SLU Aquaculture

is a platform to promote and coordinate aquaculture research and education. Aquaculture-related research is taking place at all four faculties at SLU. Our mission is to consolidate and develop

National Aquaculture Conference 2024

National Aquaculture Conference 2024 aquaculture@slu.se This time we meet in Umeå! The National Aquaculture Conference provides new knowledge, inspiration and an overview on practice, innovation,


SLU Aquaculture promote and develope aquaculture education at SLU. We also contribute to training activities in collaboration with other universities and organizations. Here you can find courses,

Blå mat på rätt sätt

The new Nordic Nutrition Recommendations (NNR) clearly state that blue food is the food of the future. But how do we make it happen? At the annual conference of the Blue Food research programme, in

Green Valleys 2.0: Future Sustainable Fish Feed Made from Grass Protein

This project is a continuation of the previous project, Green Valleys 1.0 (2018-2022), aiming to promote circular production of green protein (from green biorefinery) to create new business

Completed activities

Here we gather documentation from activities that SLU Aquaculture arranged, supported or participated in. All activities aimed to develop aquaculture research and education at SLU. Lunch webinar:

SLU Water Forum recognizes the World Food Day

On the World Food Day, we want to highlight drinking water and seafood. To meet the demand for healthy food, there is research at SLU that enhances our understanding of sustainable ways to produce

Feasibility and potential for farming and conditioning of wild fish fed with by-catches in Sweden

Today farming or conditioning of wild-caught fish is low in Sweden and Europe in general. There are however a number of advantages in farming of wild fish compared to wild catch, such as a better

Aware (Animal Welfare Research in an Enlarged Europe)

Contact: Linda Keeling The goal of the Coordination and Support Action of the 7th Framework Programme AWARE is to promote integration and increase the impact of European research on farm animal

Physiological assessment fish

Several national and international studies have shown that the welfare of fish in aquaculture in many aspects is substandard. This is partly because it is difficult to assess fish stress, suffering