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SLU Aquaculture

The mission of the SLU Aquaculture platform is to consolidate and develop aquaculture research and education at SLU.

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Webinar: Salmon welfare

Webinar: Salmon welfare aquaculture@slu.se On 20 February, Djurskyddet Sverige launches the animal welfare guide for salmon, as part of the consumer guide "Handla Djurschysst". In connection with

Apply for funding from SLU Future Food(2)

SLU Future Food announces two calls for funding for researchers at SLU. There are two current calls: Seed funding for Food & Cities projects. Deadline for applications 14 April 2023 . Seed funding

Hang your hat on fish welfare!

All fish kept by humans must be stunned before slaughter. However, how to do this in an ethically defensible manner is unclear. The lack of knowledge when it comes to stunning methods for fish is

Noble crayfish farming in Sweden

In Sweden there are two species of freshwater crayfish: the noble crayfish ( Astacus astacus ), and the introduced signal crayfish ( Pacifastacus leniusculus ). The populations of the noble crayfish

117 million to water researchers at SLU from the national research councils

Formas and the Swedish Research Council have made decisions about new projects that will be allocated research funds in the coming years. As many as 20 projects led by water researchers from SLU were

HGEN Marine Science Program Tanzania: towards a breeding program for Tilapia

The major problem hindering aquaculture development in Tanzania is the lack of good quality fingerlings and quality fish feeds. Fish farmers depend on aquaculture for food as fish provide alternative

Course in the environmental impact and benefits of aquaculture

Save the date! Course in the environmental impact and benefits of aquaculture aquaculture@slu.se The course will focus on aquaculture's environmental impact and environmental benefit. You will also

Wallenberg Professorship in Fish Health to SLU

Øystein Evensen, part-time visiting professor at SLU in the field of fish health, has been awarded a KSLA Wallenberg Professorship. He will thus strengthen SLU's expertise in diseases of farmed and

Completed activities

Here we gather documentation from activities that SLU Aquaculture arranged, supported or participated in. All activities aimed to develop aquaculture research and education at SLU. SLU Aquaculture

Seed money to strengthen and support internal cooperation on water at SLU

SLU Water Forum launches seed money during 2023 to strengthen internal cooperation on water at SLU. Researchers at SLU are encouraged to apply for funding for foremost research projects that aim at

Global aquaculture activities

SLU aquaculture researchers collaborate with researchers based across the world, including in low- and middle-income countries. Here we have collected a selection of research projects, publications

WorldFish visit

In connection to Shakuntala Thilsted's appointment as honorary doctor at SLU, a meeting and a workshop was held with WorldFish and researchers at SLU, active in aquatic research. The purpose was to