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SLU Aquaculture

is a platform to promote and coordinate aquaculture research and education. Aquaculture-related research is taking place at all four faculties at SLU. Our mission is to consolidate and develop aquaculture research and education at SLU.

SLU Aquaculture news

Course in fish health and welfare - Nov 2023

Course in fish health, preventive health care and fish welfare for fish farmers, district veterinarians in fish health as well as authorities and others interested in Swedish fish farming. Last signup date is 17 October 2023.

A shoal of salmon swimming just below the surface. Photo.

Noble crayfish farming

Save the noble crayfish - start farming! SLU has published a book "Flodkräfta och flodkräftodling i Sverige - en handbok baserad på erfarenheter" and developed a training guide "Kräftodlingens ABC" (both in Swedish) .

A Swedish noble crayfish on a concrete wall with grass in the background. Photo.

Fish farming of the North – a food production with a green potential

A popular science summary of the state of knowledge and what remains to be researched, to ensure an eco- and socio-system-based management plan for our Nordic hydropower dams. Written by a multidisciplinary group of researchers at SLU and Umeå University.

Fish farming in Norrland, Sweden. Photo.

Pod episode on aquaculture

Aquaculture has great potential to provide us with food for the future, but is also surrounded by many challenges. This episode of the SLU Future Food podcast Feeding your mind is about the opportunities and challenges of aquaculture.

Fresh chilled trout fish and trout fillet at seafood supermarket stall, photo.

Film and media spots

Here we gather seminars, lectures, media spots with our SLU-researchers in aquaculture.

Funding for fisheries and aquaculture in 2021‑2027

Open now! Apply for funds from The Swedish Maritime, Fisheries and Aquaculture programme. Here you can read about the program and grants (in Swedish).

Sea food on a plate. Photo.

Researchers in aquaculture at SLU

Are you interested in aquaculture and want to get in touch with our researchers connected to the platform?

SLU professor Anders Kiessling stands with a net next to a fish tank. Photo.

Aquaculture research infrastructure

Here you will find a list of research infrastructure at SLU, also available for researchers at other universities or companies. Do you find something that suits your research?

Fish lab in VHC at SLU Ultuna. Photo.

Global aquaculture activities at SLU

SLU-researchers collaborate with researchers based across the world, including in low- and middle-income countries. Here we have collected a selection of research projects, publications and other activities.

Ponds with fish farming in Tanzania. Photo.

Aquatic foods are superfoods for people and for our planet

SLU Global, SLU Aqua and SLU Aquaculture hosted a successful webinar about sustainable production and harvesting of fish, invertebrates and algae captured or cultured in freshwater or marine ecosystems for food or feed.

Family in Vietnam preparing food
Published: 31 August 2023 - Page editor: aquaculture@slu.se