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SLU Aquaculture promote and develope aquaculture education at SLU. We also contribute to training activities in collaboration with other universities and organizations. Here you can find courses, manuals and materials within the area.

Distance course: Sustainable aquaculture, 15 credits

The course gives basic knowledge about aquaculture. You will learn both about the most common farmed fish species and about production systems. Course start is 28 August 2023!


Course in fish health and welfare - Nov 2023

Course in fish health, preventive health care and fish welfare for fish farmers, district veterinarians in fish health as well as authorities and others interested in Swedish fish farming. Last signup date is 17 October 2023.

A shoal of salmon swimming just below the surface. Photo.

Noble crayfish farming

Save the noble crayfish - start farming! SLU has published a book "Flodkräfta och flodkräftodling i Sverige - en handbok baserad på erfarenheter" and developed a training guide "Kräftodlingens ABC" (both in Swedish) .

A Swedish noble crayfish on a concrete wall with grass in the background. Photo.

Web-based courses

Web courses in aquaculture (in Swedish): go to the website of the National Competence Center for Aquaculture (NKfV).

Woman sitting in home environment and working at her laptop,. Photo.

Farming systems and species in Sweden - a future perspective

Watch all the lectures (in Swedish) from the course here.

Gullmarn – above and below the surface. Photo.

Manual: Arctic charr farming

A farming manual divided in to two chapters: 1; Arctic charr farming in practice. 2; Theory and background (PDF in Swedish).

An arctic charr in below the water surface. Photo.
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