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SLU Grogrund - centre for breeding of food crops

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SLU Grogrund annual workshop November 20-21, 2023, in Lund, register here!

Take the opportunity and come to Lund for two half-days filled with discussions, collaboration, and networking on plant breeding for food crops. Sign up for this year's lunch-to-lunch workshop with


Current projects Completed projects Framtidens åkerböna exp meny eng Framtidens äpple exp meny eng Completed projects Plant breeding in horticultural field crop production Produkter baserade på

Faba bean for future food and feed

The project is finished. The project in brief Both Sweden and all of Europe currently depend on imported soybeans to meet the needs for vegetable protein, which is largely used for animal feed. Our


Large quantities of apples from both private gardens and industrial production are discarded as waste. By adapting storage methods and by optimising the time of harvest however, the amount of waste

Nosar i jakt på fruktträdskräfta

Diminished crops and lowered fruit quality are some of the effects of Fruit tree canker, the single most destructive disease plaguing Swedish apple orchards. In order to trace the disease early and

SLU-forskning ska skydda äppelsorter i Ukraina

Following insistent detective work, researchers have been able to extensively map out the family trees connecting many varieties of Swedish apples. This has helped clarify the relationships between

HeRo - Healthy Roots: Development of tools for the selection of robust cultivars in Swedish plant breeding, with focus on the root system

The project in brief Crop root systems are central for the uptake of plant nutrients, disease resistance and resistance to extreme weather. Healthy root systems therefore contribute to a reduced risk

Workshop with the SLU Grogrund project HeRo - Healthy Roots

lisa.beste@slu.se Discover the future of Swedish agriculture: join us at an upcoming workshop on root-based selection tools in crop breeding. Mark your calendars for 27th-28th of November 2023, as

Better barley

The project in brief The aim of this project is to strengthen existing domestic barley breeding by introducing novel and efficient methods, in particular the implementation of genomic-assisted

Towards Winter Wheat and Oat Cultivars with Low Cadmium Uptake

The project in brief Cadmium, which occurs naturally in the environment, negatively influences plant growth and human health. The goal of this project is to identify genomic regions in winter wheat

Searching unique qualities from old and alien cereals for use in conventional and organic breeding

The project in brief One of the most significant contributors to the global burden of diseases is the low consumption of whole grains, particularly whole grains of wheat products. Whole grains of

Plant breeding for optimised interactions between crops and microorganisms to enhance disease management and production with reduced agrochemical use

The project in brief Biological control* is a method for plant protection that is steadily expanding. This project focuses on how plants and beneficial microorganisms interact with each other and how