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Climate change

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Wind damages expected to increase in a warmer climate

In spite of elks, spruce beetles and pathogenic fungi, wind is probably the largest cause of economic loss for European forestry. A number of reports in recent years investigates how the risk of wind

Earth Hour

Earth Hour is held every year in March with the purpose to bring the world together, shine a spotlight on nature loss and the climate crisis, and to inspire more people to act and advocate for urgent

Water seminar SIWI SIANI

"As the climate crisis unfolds, farmers across the world face growing problems with droughts and floods. Erratic rainfall patterns and extreme weather events will only get worse and require a greater

Water for food security in global and local climate change

Water security is essential for all life on earth, and not least for food security and sustainable food production. Jennie Barron, Professor within agricultural water management, emphasise the

Common murres and heatwaves

More extreme and prolonged heat waves can cause seabirds to lose their eggs and chicks. Many species of seabirds nest during the hottest summer months, exposed on rocks and beaches. This renders them

World wildlife day

On 3 March every year, the World Wildlife Day is marked to celebrate wild animals and plants. This year, we at SLU Global spotlight a collaborative research and capacity building programme between

Sverige nyckelaktör i europeiskt vinprojekt

Climate change, disease and price increases in plant protection are some of the challenges wine producers will face in the future. Researchers now want to equip growers for a warmer and drier climate

Marken viktig att värna när jordbruket flyttar norrut

Since the 1950s, the resilience of our Swedish agricultural soils has deteriorated due to increasingly intensive agriculture. In combination with climate change, this means an increased risk that the

Webinar on demand-driven climate change mitigation and trade-offs of Swedish multi-family housing construction

Webinar on demand-driven climate change mitigation and trade-offs of Swedish multi-family housing construction dimitris.athanassiadis@slu.se SLU is an official partner of the New European Bauhaus (

Water for food security in a changing climate

Water for food security in a changing climate malin.planting@slu.se How can we boost Sweden’s food security despite increasing climate risks? Join our seminar on 21 March and learn how we can

Nytt projekt för att förstå riskerna med extremväder till havs

Climate change is making extreme weather at sea more common. But how do extreme weather such as marine heat waves and extreme storms affect fish and fishing in the Baltic Sea? A research group will

AgriFoSe2030 sorghum project

Challenge 2 leader Madelene Ostwald and project leader Nothando Dunjana have recently published a chapter in the Climate-Smart Agriculture: Evidence-based Case Studies in South Africa. The chapter