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Chemical sciences

Chemistry is a branch of physical science that studies the composition, structure, properties and change of matter.

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Archive of Measurement Uncertainties

Below are the accredited analytical methods and their measurement uncertainties listed, since November 2017. For information about earlier analytical methods from 1960s and onwards, see each method .

Integrated Monitoring in natural ecosystems (IM)

Integrated Monitoring in natural ecosystems (IM) is funded by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency. Parts of the monitoring at Aneboda is funded by SITES. The Swedish Geological Survey and IVL


The IM site, called F1, is one of several small catchments around lake Gårdsjön which have been thoroughly investigated from both lake and forest point of view since around 1970. The most widely


Kindla is situated about 25 km straight to the northwest of Lindesberg, roughly 15 kilometres northwest of Storå/Guldsmedshyttan near the little village of Nyberget. The site is situated on the


The Integrated Monitoring area Gammtratten is situated 100 km west of Umeå and roughly 50 kilometres southeast of Åsele near the little village of Norrtjärn. The site is part of a 754 ha nature


The IM site Aneboda is situated 28 km northwest of Växjö, roughly 10 kilometres south of Lammhult. The IM site is about one kilometre southwest of Aneboda church. The site and the nearby forest and

Organic environmental chemistry and ecotoxicology

The Division of Environmental Organic Chemistry and Ecotoxicology focuses on understanding the environmental aspects of organic chemicals, with main focus on sources, transport, fate and effects in

New SLU-professor wants to know if we should be concerned about organic micropollutants in drinking water

There are probably more than 100 000 organic micropollutants circulating in the aquatic environment. The newly appointed SLU professor in environmental organic chemistry, Lutz Ahrens, is dedicated to

A Non-Toxic Environment

We provide decision support and expertise in the work towards a non-toxic environment in Sweden. The data from our monitoring programmes contributes to the overall picture of the environmental status

Pesticides in air and precipitation

Results from the sampling of air and precipitation within the National Environmental Monitoring Program of Pesticides are found here. Precipitation is collected in the counties of Skåne and Uppland.

Department of Aquatic Sciences and Assessment

Our research, education and environmental monitoring and assessment is focused on bettering our understanding of environmental changes of inland surface waters, as well as analyses of the underlying

Diss Marius Tuyishime

Phosphorus chemistry in managed forest soils-Effects of weathering and wood ash fertilization charlotta.eriksson@slu.se Marius Tuyishime defends his thesis "Phosphorus chemistry in managed forest