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Agricultural sciences

Agricultural science include plant production, plant genetics, plant breeding, plant protection, plant pathology, agricultural ecology, agricultural technology and agricultural history.

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About NJV

The department is organised jointly between the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science (VH) and the Faculty of Natural Resources and Agricultural Sciences (NJ). Research and education are


Vahideh Rafiei and Malin Elfstrand have been awarded research grants from Formas' open call for research on fungi that cause diseases on cereals and spruce breeding. Formas’ research council finances

Department of Ecology

How can we manage forests and land without threating biodiversity and ruining ecosystem services? These divergent goals require a broad understanding of ecological interactions in nature.

Department of Energy and Technology

At the department of energy and technology, research and education are conducted focusing on how agriculture can contribute to a sustainable society. We have extensive expertise in technology and

Swedish National Plant Protection Conference 2022

How do we achieve sustainable plant protection? This will be discussed at the Swedish National Plant Protection Conference 2022 on 9-10 November at Ultuna in Uppsala. The registration is now closed.


This is the program for the Swedish National Plant Protection Conference 2022. Most of the program will be in Swedish, but some international speakers will participate. Wednesday 9th of November


The Interdisciplinary Academy is a newly established programme at SLU to promote and explore cross-disciplinary research at SLU.

Department of Crop Production Ecology

How can we combine improved quality and quantity of crop production with enhanced ecosystem services and reduced negative environmental impact? The department of Crop Production Ecology contributes


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Here you find all scientific publications produced at the department, publications on Agrarian History, Environmental Communication, Landscape Architecture, Rural Development, Biodiversity and Nature

Agricultural Economics and Management

Campus Uppsala Uppsala is Sweden’s fourth largest city, and the hub of SLU’s educational activities. Located just outside of the city centre, SLU’s Uppsala campus is spacious, leafy and picturesque

Mingling and guiding November 8

Sign up to visit the BioCentrum and the Ecology Center at SLU in Ultuna and/or socialize on campus Ultuna in connection with the Swedish National Plant Protection Conference 2022. Preliminary program