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Agricultural sciences

Agricultural science include plant production, plant genetics, plant breeding, plant protection, plant pathology, agricultural ecology, agricultural technology and agricultural history.

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Pesticides in air and precipitation

Results from the sampling of air and precipitation within the National Environmental Monitoring Program of Pesticides are found here. Precipitation is collected in the counties of Skåne and Uppland.


A platform for strengthening and further develop digital decision support systems to face new information demand for sustainable and efficient agricultural production. Research in LADS is carried out


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About us

The SLU Plant Protection Network is there to promote and stimulate collaboration between staff at SLU's different campuses, faculties and departments, and to strengthen SLU's profile in plant

Contact a researcher

The SLU Plant Protection Network consists of over 200 researchers within plant protection and plant health at SLU. You are very welcome to contact us if you have a question about plant protection! Do

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Our aim is to develop a cropping system for cereal production with perennial service crop where a robot carries out all cultivation operations except harvesting. Experiments are carried at SLU Lövsta

Cultivar mixtures may reduce aphid problems in the future

Aphids are causing problems for agriculture worldwide and there is a great need to find alternatives to chemical pesticides. Sokha Kheam's thesis shows that it may be possible to reduce infestations

Diverse crop rotations can give greater cereal yields in a changing climate

The importance of a good crop rotation is known, but analyses of 32 decade-long cropping experiments across Europe and North America have clarified the benefits. One conclusion is that diversifying

Constraints and opportunities for organic crop production in areas of high agricultural productivity

Tomorrow, Rafaelle Reumaux will defend her thesis about the diversity of management practices in organic cereal production. We ask her three questions. What is your research about, more specifically?

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Sign up for the Networking symposium on plant protection and forest damage 2–3 October in Umeå here. Read more about the network symposium here.

Plant protection in the media

SLU's plant protection researchers is often featured in news articles, radio, podcasts and television. See examples of SLU's plant protection research in the media: Plant protection in the media in

Joint Action Plant Health

In a letter to the government, SLU and the Swedish Board of Agriculture have proposed an initiative on plant health based on a mandate from the government. The initiative, called Joint Action Plant