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Agricultural sciences

Agricultural science include plant production, plant genetics, plant breeding, plant protection, plant pathology, agricultural ecology, agricultural technology and agricultural history.

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SLU Plant Protection Network

We promote and stimulate collaboration between researchers at SLU's different campuses, faculties and departments with the aim to strengthen SLU's profile in plant protection towards the outside

Plant protection at SLU

The SLU Plant Protection Network consists of over 200 researchers within plant protection and plant health at SLU. You are very welcome to contact us if you have a question about plant protection! Do

Grace contributes to food security with push-pull technologies

Grace Mercy want to contribute to food security, sustainable agriculture and new biocontrol solutions with her new PhD project on push-pull technology. This is a cropping system that that reduces

Department of Forest Mycology and Plant Pathology

We undertake fundamental and applied research focused on interactions involving plants, pathogenic, symbiotic and saprotrophic fungi, bacteria and a rchaea and their role in forest and agricultural

Drylands Transform

Drylands Transform 2020-2024 Project introduction Transformation towards the sustainable development goals Drylands cover 40 % of the global land area, host 2 billion people, and support

Predicting the growth and quality of silage maize using models and spectroscopy

The aim of this project is to use ecophysiological modelling based methods to predict agronomic and quality variables of silage maize in Sweden. Background Maize has become a major crop in many parts


The CORE Organic Cofund project MIX-ENABLE aims to deepen our understanding of organic mixed livestock farming (i.e. integrating two or more animal species) in Europe, to find sustainable and robust


ProRefine is a new research project that aims to gain knowledge about local production of protein feed for monogastric animals in organic farming. The project will use two approaches to fractionate

Improved management strategies for establishment of Lucerne

Lucerne is a potential alternative to red clover in areas where the soil is closer to neutral and well drained. In the right conditions lucerne can very productive and drought tolerant. However,

Development of the variety trials for silage maize in Sweden

The aim of the project was to create a basis for a decision support system för cultivation of silage maize in Sweden, based on varieties and risk management. During the project the mechanistic model

Decision support tool for silage maize cultivation in Sweden

The aim of this project is to form a group to further work on the development of a project proposal for EIP agri. The innovation linked to this project will focus on the development of a decision

Different fertilizing regimes for peat/oat whole crop forage

The aim of the project is to find an optimal level of nitrogen fertilisation for whole crop harvests of pea/oat mixtures. An optimal level means a good yield with high crude protein content in